LinkedIn Prospecting Automation Tool With Zapier Integration Converts More Leads

Sep 25, 2023

Salesflow gives you the lightning-fast, AI-driven LinkedIn automation tool you need to build a more robust sales pipeline and convert more leads into customers. With two-way Zapier integration, Salesflow helps you supercharge your outbound sales.

Everyone knows LinkedIn is the cornerstone of high-quality prospect connections, but if you've ever tried to uncover the right companies and connect with the right decision-makers manually, you were probably met with more frustrations than conversions.

Salesflow automates these activities and scales them to a level no human, or team of humans can match. Find and connect with high-quality decision-makers in the blink of an eye so you can turn more prospects into customers. And, with CRM integration - including two-way Zapier integration - you get the benefit of all that extra data to leverage your outreach and your messaging.

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A two-time award-winning LinkedIn automation tool Salesflow recently revealed that over 40% of salespeople find prospecting the hardest part of their jobs.

You can probably relate.

Juggling sales calls while researching and approaching new leads makes it more probably either quality leads or consistent outreach will decline. Salesflow has the solution. They'll help you reduce the amount of time you're spending on research and outreach by 50 hours per week.

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When prospecting doesn't generate enough leads or your leads are a bad fit, or they turn out not to be able to deliver the ROI you expected, your sales pipeline falters. To help with this, Salesflow features automated messaging, connections, and conversion capabilities that turn your LinkedIn into a lead-converting sales machine.

“Salesflow offers over 100 LinkedIn message templates built to convert,” says a company spokesperson. “Its in-depth data reports offer the insights sales reps need to understand their target prospects’ pain points and what types of solutions they’re looking so they can tailor messaging accordingly.”

In a bid to help sales reps hit their quotas, Salesflow allows for hundreds of outreach campaigns to be launched and monitored simultaneously from a centralized dashboard. You can deploy 400 targeted invites and 800 open InMails per month, each written to convert. Follow-up message sequencing helps you nurture prospect relationships, turning leads into meetings, and meetings into new business.

Advanced analytics offer comprehensive daily statistics, including total messages sent, total replies, tags, campaign connections, responses and response rates, and more.

And thanks to two-way Zapier integration, you can set up multi-touch sales sequences that run 24/7, automatically sending connection requests from inbound leads based on your CRM data. Ready for the sales pipeline of the century? Now you can make the most of your outreach for higher conversion rates and increased deal value.

Salesflow is the LinkedIn automation tool where the promise is in the name. To date, the platform has generated over 500,000 leads across more than 120 countries and increased agency revenues by 48%. They can even boast a 90% customer retention rate.

Want to hop on board? Read what Josh Fechter, a Salesflow client and founder of his own company says, “Salesflow is one of the best services on the market. If you take your prospecting seriously, Salesflow with Zapier integration takes it to another level.”

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