Limited Edition Archangel Michael Protection Merchandise Ideal For Gift Shoppers

Dec 11, 2023

The limited-time “Angelic Awesomeness” products from Historic Collectibles LLC are unique pieces of faith and inspiration. Make sure to get one for yourself and your spiritual loved ones!

More than just making a fashion statement, the Angelic series from Historic Collectibles is a great way to connect with your faith and share it with the world.

Historic Collectibles’ "Angelic Awesomeness" series features a range of limited-time products, including shirts, mugs, and candles. The collection draws inspiration from the legacy of Saint Michael the Archangel and his fellow archangels, making it an ideal gift for your loved ones who appreciate faith and history.

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Limited-Time Offer: Special Discount on Angelic Items

Each item in the collection is made in the USA and features images of Saint Michael the Archangel, an emblem of protection, courage, and faith.

The online store is also offering a 15% discount on all Angelic items until the end of 2023.

Faith in Fashion

“Our Angelic Awesomeness line seamlessly combines the revered tales of Saint Michael Archangel with contemporary design,” said a spokesperson for the store. “As is evident in our previous designs, every shirt and mug is more than just an item; it's an experience, a narrative, a piece of history.”

The unisex t-shirts in the series are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and available in sizes small to 5XL. You get to choose from a variety of designs, reflecting different perspectives of the celestial warrior’s story. The designs are also available on hoodies, tank tops, and youth wear.

The shirt and hoodie designs are available in nine different colors. You can choose classic hues like white, red, blue, and gray or bolder colors like purple, pink, and green. Speaking about the t-shirts, a spokesperson emphasized that they are not just apparel but an armor of faith that can be worn at home, to informal prayer gatherings, or church.

Angelic Mugs and Scented Candles

If you prefer spiritual homeware then you can select any available 11- or 15-oz ceramic mugs, accompanied by texts like “Saint Michael Archangel - Slaying Enemies for Millennia.” Another homeware item in the collection is the nine-ounce vanilla-scented candles. The candles are hand-poured and made from a high-quality 85/15 blend of soy wax, offering a clean burn and a long-lasting fragrance.

About Historic Collectibles LLC

The “Angelic Awesomeness” product series is part of the company’s range of modern merchandise. Other collections are available on the Historic Collectibles online store, and all its items are available for worldwide shipping.

The “Angelic Awesomeness” series from Historic Collectibles is only available for a limited time!

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