Life Coach, Veteran & PTSD Survivor Available For Public Speaking Engagements

Jan 3, 2022

Veteran and PTSD survivor Baz Porter (310-408-0007) is expanding his life coaching and online wellness and meditation educational courses to include global speaking engagements.

Life Coach, Veteran & PTSD Survivor Available For Public Speaking Engagements

Most people who are struggling with PTSD and other mental health issues say they know they’re not themselves, but they don’t know how to get back to feeling happy, confident and fulfilled by life.

As a PTSD survivor, Baz draws on his journey to wellness to help those who are struggling create positive change so they can live their best lives. Baz offers you one-on-one coaching, and wellness courses that you can purchase from his website. To complement his portfolio of support services, Baz now offers virtual and in-person inspirational presentations that you can schedule for your next event via phone or through his website.

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As a life coach, entrepreneur, author, and channel, Baz Porter is known for his candid and compelling approach to counseling, and his supportive, one-on-one motivational services. With requests from international audiences to include him in conferences or as a headlining guest, Baz is available to join your next event virtually, or in-person, to offer inspirational presentations and speaking engagements.

Baz’s story is about how he began his journey with trauma and the skills he developed that turned that trauma into triumph. By telling his story on stage, Porter helps empower you and your audiences, offering hope and inspiring inner strength so those who are feeling lost can begin to create a future filled with unimaginable possibilities.

According to Baz, self-awareness and self-knowledge are essential to a life well-lived. He notes that traumatic events can interrupt your spiritual growth and plunge you into a tailspin. As a veteran and PTSD survivor, Baz understands these dynamics. As a motivational speaker, he teaches you and your audience how to pivot trauma into an experience that can generate confidence and inner strength.

As a member of the National Speakers Bureau, Baz focuses on uplifting people from all walks of life. As a professional on a mission, he is committed to creating positive change in the world by empowering you and your audiences with his words.

Porter says, “As much as we may try to escape from it or hide from it, life always catches up. By sharing my story my hope is that I’ll inspire others to embrace their personal power, overcome barriers, and go on to live happy and fulfilling lives.”

With the recent expansion in services to provide virtual and in-person inspirational speaking appearances, Baz is now available to share his story with your audience to help those struggling with PTSD find comfort, support, and healing.

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