Learn Watercolor Painting Online With Expert Art Teachers In A Live Classroom

Feb 24, 2021

Looking for an online painting course for beginners? Learn watercolor painting techniques in live classes with professional artists from Your Teachable Moment!

Would you like to master watercolor painting and decorate your interior with a work of art you created yourself? With Your Teachable Moment, you can do it from the comfort of your home!

Your Teachable Moment, an interactive online learning platform, announced the launch of live online art and drawing courses for beginners, including watercolor painting, origami, and animation appreciation.

Go to https://yourteachablemoment.com for more information.

With the newly launched courses, the company aims to bring people together in times of social isolation, help them boost their creativity, and improve their drawing and painting skills in an interactive and live classroom.

Almost any skill can be learned online and a variety of courses are available on virtually any topic. However, when you participate in an on-demand course, the lack of interaction and management, as well as the feeling of isolation, can lead to a decrease in your motivation.

Studies show that social interaction and the presence of peers and instructors throughout an online course increase the likelihood of student retention and drive their performance.

Your Teachable Moment is different from other platforms in that it only offers live courses in which you can interact with the instructors and peers. You’ll become a member of a live online community for friendship and support. Learn more at https://www.facebook.com/YourTeachableMoment

In the watercolor painting classes for beginners, you will learn different painting techniques, including wet on wet, wet on dry, gradients, and special effects. Instructors use a second camera that faces their hands and table, so you can see what they are doing up close. As a result of the class, you will have a piece of art you can hang on the wall or give as a gift.

Whether you are an amateur artist, a beginner, or a person who has never painted before, you can find a suitable class on the platform.

Topics of other classes offered by Your Teachable Moment include foreign languages, baking, knitting, sewing, book and movie clubs, finance, writing, decorating, and many others.

“The ability to learn something and to have a visit with people in these socially isolated times is what makes these classes special,” said a satisfied client. “This new idea in education is highly recommended for anyone who wants to learn a skill or who may just want conversation.”

In Your Teachable Moment’s art classes you will not only learn to paint but will also be a part of a live community of people with the same interests.

Boost your creativity and find new friends! Click on the link above to book your class today!

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