Get Real Live Coaching For Screenwriting & Novel Writing Tips With This Platform

Dec 21, 2020

Do you want to learn how to write your book or screenplay with expert guidance from experienced specialists? You can learn live online with real coaches here!

Forget about pre-recorded learning online – this live online coaching and learning platform offers real, people-focused programs with great networking opportunities for students!

Your Teachable Moment has launched an updated range of classes for adults looking to continue their professional or personal development. The platform offers interactive, live online programs across a range of fields.

Check out the new online learning environment today and find your ideal course!

More information can be found at:

The newly updated course collection aims to meet demand for engaging, live learning opportunities. While there are many popular skill development and online learning platforms, they usually rely on prerecorded content to fill out their modules.

Your Teachable Moment uses live training and coaching with real experts in the field to provide you with continuing education, adult learning, and skill development whether for work or leisure.

They offer courses to learn a new life skill or business training to improve productivity, focus, and creative thinking. Because the courses happen live in real time, they are ideally suited to learners making friends with other like-minded enthusiasts.

The core focus of the new platform is to enrich lives through education, interaction and community building. You just have to choose a category to begin browsing the available classes.

Options include Art, Books and Movies, Education, Food and Nutrition, Handwork, Language, Personal Development, Technology, and Wellness. Each category houses interactive online learning communities centered around specific topics, with hundreds of learners and and instructors.

Your Teachable Moment actively builds a team of passionate and dedicated teachers who are interested in a broad range of topics. They maintain and support their learning platform with a focus on learning in an interactive, live setting.

Courses include watercolor basics, creative writing for novels and screenplays, conversational French language development and more.

Additional details are available at:

There are a number of benefits to learning online over in person. It is a more affordable solution, and learners can develop and grow their knowledge in a more comfortable environment. The skill development can lead to personal fulfillment and improved technical skills.

A recent student said: “I have taken two classes from Your Teachable Moment and loved the ability to learn something and to have a visit with people in these socially isolated times. I recommend this new idea in education for anyone who wants to learn a skill or who may just want conversation.”

You can find out more info on the link above!

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