Learn To Communicate Effectively With This Expert Virtual Coaching Course In LA

Feb 23, 2021

Looking to become a better professional and personal communicator? ADVO Group has the comprehensive online course teaching the essential lessons in communication you need!

Challenge yourself to improve your professional communication skills with LA-based, Yale-educated communication experts at ADVO Group.

ADVO Group Inc. has recently launched their latest online training course, the Foundations of Kinection™, as part of their Kinection™ Academy, a premium educational service ideal for people interested in developing their professional and interpersonal communication skills.

More information is available at http://kinectionacademy.com

The newly launched Foundations of Kinection™ course contains modules exploring verbal and non-verbal awareness, mindset awareness, and using specificity in communication. The virtual communication program offers a range of interactive tools, pop quizzes, challenges, and exercises, in addition to 30 comprehensive educational videos.

The course is designed to encourage people to foster mindfulness in choosing their communication methods, to make clear, intentional statements, and to connect to others more deeply. Each module of the Foundations of Kinection™ teaches an essential communication lesson, covering topics such as how to avoid disconnecting habits, address non-verbal defaults, and consider stance and body language.

This accessible online course is perfect for business professionals, group leaders, teachers, and public speakers looking to improve their clarity of expression and interpersonal communication in the workplace. Foundations of Kinection™ teaches ADVOtools, a set of practical frameworks that can be used to enhance connection and are designed to challenge business and educational professionals to become highly-skilled communicators in their chosen field.

The team of expert communicators at the ADVO Group employ research-based methods such as micro-coaching, which offers short, powerful lessons on themes such as leadership and connection that take as little as five minutes to complete, ideal for busy professionals.

The course content is optimized on mobile devices, including on tablets and smart phones with WiFi access, enabling Kinection™ Academy students to ingest quick communication lessons on the go. Additionally, the program uses the theory of edutainment, combining informative, results-driven lessons with performance-inspired entertainment value.

Weekly drop-in office hours are offered with course founders Greg Derelian and Peter Katona between 12-1pm PST every Tuesday. Their methods are based on their experience as Yale School of Drama trained professional actors, coaching people through their expertise in communication intent and clarity.

Derelian and Katona offer custom tools designed to help people to transform their ability to communicate effectively with customers, students, or employees. ADVO Group provides virtual development courses and workshops on effective professional communication skills and frameworks.

In addition to the newly launched Foundations of Kinection™ course, ADVO Group also plans to launch two new virtual courses, Kinected™ Presentations and Leadership Kinection™ in the near future.

More information is available at https://www.advogroupinc.com, or by calling +1-310-975-7032.

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