Learn The Essential Steps To Establishing Healthy School Board Communication

Dec 2, 2021

Looking for the best advice to help you and the school board shine like superstars? Check out this interview with an award-winning superintendent who knows what he is talking about!

If you’ve ever tried to get something done but need twenty-five people to agree, you’ll know that you’re starring in Mission Impossible - The Movie That Never Was.

Do your school board management meetings sound anything like this? Then you probably need some great ideas on how to improve your communication strategy.

With the goal of providing practical support, eBOARDsolutions’ latest board management resource is highly recommended if you want to improve your school board’s communication efficiency. Now you can learn from an award-winning school board expert whose insight and advice can assist you to meet your goals.

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eBOARDsolution’s interview with Steve Barker, Georgia's 2018 Superintendent of the Year, offers you practical advice on how to establish good communication practices to maintain or improve your board’s high leadership quality and standards.

Steve Barker, director of strategic planning for the Georgia School Boards Association, former superintendent, and 30-year public education veteran, shares a few helpful tips to develop high-performing healthy boards that prioritize communicating effectively on the most important issues.

He says the board’s code of ethics must be communicated very clearly and that you must understand the goals and parameters of your specific role within the board’s strategy and progress.

Your school board governance team should also maintain an atmosphere of transparency and honesty that ensures everyone is informed about key issues with access to the same information. This includes board members, principals, teachers, and parents. You also need a clear, fair process as to how you will respond to concerns and grievances.

How can a superintendent keep open communication lines with the board?

The superintendent has to hand over general management tasks to a strong support team in order to prioritize keeping communication lines open with the governance team. This can be done with regular, ongoing communication, as well as weekly calls.

Regular reporting on your board’s progress as related to the board’s planned strategy is also important. Using effective tools, such as the Simbli board management software, to accomplish these goals is critical in keeping your communication lines open.

What does the Simbli board management software do?

Simbli is effective for meetings, strategic planning, and helping to maintain transparency, ensuring clear communication at all times. It also helps you keep track of your goals and progress.

eBOARDsolutions’ Simbli software is the trusted board management solution you can always rely on. Reach out to them at 877-404-7707 to find out how they can help you.

A spokesperson for the company said, “Establishing transparent, regular, and effective communication is essential to a school board’s success and a vital step towards ensuring that board goals and objectives are met.”

Go to https://eboardsolutions.com/essential-steps-to-establishing-and-sustaining-effective-board-communication for the expert school board management software solutions you need!

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