Learn Short Selling From Pro Day Traders: Watch Them Trade In New Live Streams

Aug 18, 2023

My Investing Club is rapidly becoming the new gold standard in day trader education, and the platform’s founders now offer a chance to watch how verified millionaire traders apply their techniques in real time.

Image how much you could learn by watching successful professional day traders as they work their magic on the markets.

The upcoming live streams from My Investing Club go several steps further, with screen sharing and commentary giving you a unique insight into advanced trading processes.

The events will be hosted by community cofounders Alex Temiz and Bao Nguyen, who promise to make $20,000 in monthly gains or you don’t pay a thing. You’ll have an opportunity to see their charts and understand how they approach short selling, technical analysis, and risk management.

Go to https://myinvestingclub.com/livetrading/ for more information.

MIC’s new live streams are open to day traders of all levels, with discounted pricing available to the first 100 applicants. As a community member, you also unlock unlimited 1-on-1 mentorship, an extensive library of on-demand training videos, and a 24/7 chat room with over 2,000 active participants.

Investopedia states that day traders make up a significant proportion of the short selling segment, as they are usually well-positioned to make fast decisions. However, short selling also comes with a significant amount of risk, and the most successful traders use sophisticated techniques and strategies to limit losses.

With the new series of live streams, MIC aims to demonstrate the proprietary processes developed by the platform’s founders, who have over 15 years’ combined experience. The team’s goal is to extend professional mentorship to a greater number of day traders, thereby helping more individuals to generate a sustainable income.

“When we first started, we wished there was someone to help us,” the company’s founders explained. “The biggest shortcut to success in any field is through 1 on 1 mentorship with those who are successful. So, we created MIC to help new traders and struggling traders find success and, in doing so, set a new gold standard for day trader education.”

About MIC

Community cofounders Bao Nguyen and Alex Temiz have personal single-day trading records of $1.4 million and $660,000, respectively, and both are now verified millionaire day traders. The pair established MIC in 2018, and now provide professional guidance to over 2,000 members from locations all around the world.

“Thanks to Bao and Alex for creating MIC,” one member recently stated. “I’ve just had my third green day in a row, and I’m up $5,000. The MIC principles have been instrumental in my success. The biggest lessons I’ve learned are having an edge and having a repeatable process.”

For a unique fly-on-the-wall learning opportunity, book your seat in the upcoming live streams from My Investing Club.

Check out https://myinvestingclub.com/livetrading/ so you can learn more.

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