Learn New Facts About Endangered Sharks With This Illustrated Book For Kids

Nov 30, 2021

Teaching kids to look after our environment has never been more important! Carol Perkins (aka Carrots) makes it easy with her fun, illustrated children’s book on endangered sharks.

When you hear the word ‘shark’ does your mind automatically jump to the film Jaws? Well, they are not quite as dangerous as the media makes them out to be and Children’s Books for Kids Who Care is here to explain why.

Carol Perkins’ newest release teaches children the importance of sharks in keeping oceans clean, why they are endangered, and what we can do to protect this vital species.

Go to https://www.childrensbooksforkidswhocare.ca to find out more.

Branded “A Children’s Book Super Quick Read”, the newly announced title is written in a quick, easy-to-read style with ample proven shark facts and fun illustrations. The book should only take your child, on average, 20-25 minutes to read, making it accessible to a wide range of readers.

When you purchase Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad, you will also receive a free coloring book featuring 20 shark species with accompanying facts.

Research shows that a mixture of reckless fishing and the growing demand for shark fins has contributed to over 1,000,000 sharks being slaughtered each year. In a bid to change this worrying statistic, Children’s Books for Kids Who Care is committed to donating 10% of the purchase price of every book sold to shark conservation.

Sharks: Ocean Rescue Squad is available to purchase in both paperback and eBook format. Head over to https://www.amazon.com/Sharks-Ocean-Rescue-Endangered-Species-ebook/dp/B08PQ3T4PJ to get your copy.

As Carol Perkins explains, “Kids really do care about the future of our planet. Knowing how all animals and plants help to sustain our planet gives us a better understanding of why we need to safeguard all life on earth.”

Following over 40 years working in business, Carol Perkins is now fulfilling her dream of writing enjoyable informative books for children. Her next book in the endangered species series will focus on rhinos and is due for release later this year.

With this latest release, Carol Perkins continues to spread awareness of the vital role endangered species play in humanity’s survival.

A satisfied reader said: “Carol Perkins has taken a topic that kids are passionate about and made it into an easy-to-read book that makes learning about sharks fun. Her writing connects to children at a level that is easy to understand and keeps them engaged right to the end. As a family, we enjoyed reading and learning about sharks and the environment, and it created continuous conversation even after we had finished reading it.”

Ready to discover more and find out how to protect our future? Go to https://www.pinterest.ca/childrensbooksforkidswhocare if you want to find out more.

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