Learn Innovative Revenue Operations & Marketing Solutions At This Virtual Event

Sep 8, 2022

Sometimes the best way to succeed is to go against the grain. Armando Biondi, Gary Amaral, and Massimo Chieruzzi founded Breadcrumbs.io on this principle, and are now bringing together a group of SaaS leaders to share their innovative strategies at the Hot Takes Live event!

Learn Innovative Revenue Operations & Marketing Solutions At This Virtual Event

Hot Takes Live is a one-day virtual event you just can’t miss. There has never been a better opportunity to learn cutting-edge marketing and lead-scoring solutions from the industry experts who created them.

The online conference will be hosted by Breadcrumbs.io, a company that helps businesses achieve revenue growth through customer data analysis. It will take place on Tuesday, September 27th from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm EST and will feature presentations from forward-thinking marketing, product-led growth, sales, and RevOps professionals in the SaaS space.

Reserve your spot at http://hottakeslive.com

Hot Takes Live will include 24 interactive sessions delivered by industry professionals, a 40-minute virtual roundtable with the speakers, live Q&A sessions, and a speed networking session for all attendees. You can attend the event from anywhere in the world for free.

Breadcrumbs has invited some of the world's most innovative leaders of sales and marketing departments of prominent Saas providers, who will share with you their expert knowledge, debate unpopular opinions and discuss next-generation strategies as part of the one-day online conference.

Among the featured guest speakers are Agorapulse chief marketing officer Darryl Praill, CaliberMind VP of Marketing Camela Thompson, Blueprint founder Jordan Crawford, and Digital Reach Online Solutions founder and CEO Mandy Thompson. These pioneers share innovative thinking and a contrarian attitude in their approach to SaaS, marketing, sales, and RevOps, and have each achieved success in their respective ventures.

Hot Takes Live will also be joined by marketing and RevOps leaders at ProfitWell, ConstantContact, RevPartners, Thinkific, Penguin Strategies, Esper, and RevPartners.

If you are interested in learning how to optimize your marketing and sales strategies from the experts and build relationships with other professionals in your industry, this event is just for you!

About Breadcrumbs.io

The San Francisco-based software company was founded by Armando Biondi, Gary Amaral, and Massimo Chieruzzi in March 2020. Breadcrumbs.io has developed a platform intended to streamline lead-scoring optimization, enabling businesses to analyze customer and prospect data and help them better understand consumer behavior to drive more conversions.

A spokesperson for the company said: “Breadcrumbs.io is on a mission to help companies accelerate their growth. Hot Takes Live is an opportunity for the company to bring this mission to life and offer online entrepreneurs the resources they need to achieve successful outcomes, for free.”

Don’t miss this opportunity to get the harsh truth on product-led growth, RevOps, marketing, and sales from SaaS leaders. The only investment for the priceless, game-changing strategies that await you is your time.

Go to http://hottakeslive.com to register for this epic event today!

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