Learn How To Open A Zero Waste Grocery Store From This Seattle WA Business Owner

Sep 18, 2020

In order to spread the word about zero waste shopping, Scoop Marketplace launched an online course on how to run a similar business. The sustainable grocery store sells healthy, organic package-free products.

Want to open your own zero waste grocery store? Get the best online course from the team behind Scoop Marketplace–the best sustainable market in Seattle.

Seattle, Washington zero waste grocery store Scoop Marketplace launched an educational online course on how to open up a zero waste store business. The store sells a wide range of organic, package-free pantry items.

More information s available at http://bitly.com/storehero

Scoop Marketplace’s online course aims to give you a roadmap to a successful zero waste store business. With the planet’s dire plastic waste problem, more and more people are taking steps to find better and more sustainable ways of living. Passionate about healthy living and giving back to the planet, Scoop Marketplace launched Zero To Zero Waste Hero—a series of online modules designed to educate you on how to start a business in the sustainable grocery industry.

Scoop Marketplace’s owner, Stephanie Lentz’s grew her business from a pop-up store into one of Seattle’s premier zero waste grocery stores. In the hopes of normalizing zero waste shopping, she is sharing all her resources, knowledge and business secrets in the form of an online business course.

The Zero To Zero Waste Hero online course includes all necessary checklists, templates and systems needed to launch and move a zero waste business forward. It gives you access to invaluable knowledge and experience that Stephanie Lentz herself has acquired through her journey.

The course is broken down into 10 modules. The modules are designed as steps or guides to take you through proper channels and learnings necessary to take you through the rigors of setting up the business and eventually, success.

Module 1, the foundation module, focuses on visualizing the business and how it will grow. Module 2 talks about building brand identity and utilizing social media networks to optimize it. Module 3 takes on the business plan, looking for a location and listing down potential investors. The rest of the modules teaches networking, business structure and finance, funding, workforce, inventory management, and involving your community.

Scoop Marketplace is the premier sustainable grocery store you can trust. Call them today at +1-206-339-1383 to find out how you can start your own zero waste business!

You can also find out more by clicking on the link above!

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