Learn How To Clear Your Past Life Karma With This Psychic Development School

Nov 19, 2020

My Psychic Awakening Academy has launched a new development program aimed at people who want to clear a karma cycle that they are repeating or feel stuck in. The team explains how clearing karma can be freeing and will boost your personal development.

Do you feel trapped in a cycle that you cannot explain? Do you feel cursed, as if you are experiencing your version of Groundhog Day? Have you considered the negative karma from your past life that maybe cycling and repeating? If you want to learn how to deal with karma, this is the development program for you!

A psychic training and development program has been launched aimed at you if you want to clear your negative karma from a past life. My Psychic Awakening Academy explains karmic debt can relate to your heritage, past relationships, or karmic connections with pets.

You can find out more at https://www.mypsychicawakening.com

The newly launched program explains karma is a cycle, which means you may be relieved to know there is a beginning and an end. The team at My Psychic Awakening Academy explain karma can begin any time as a thought, due to actions that you have taken, when you are starting a new relationship, joining a group, or when you are starting a family.

Whether you believe in past lives or not, the team advise any previous incarnations will impact your current carnation. Karma can feel like Groundhog Day explain the team, it can feel like you are cursed as you relive an issue or trauma repeatedly.

For instance, the team explain it can be likened to attracting the same partner all the time, frequently facing the same financial issues, repeating bad decisions or decision-making processes, or you may feel as though you have ‘bad luck’ or ‘good luck’ all the time.

Your cycle may be repeated explains the My Psychic Awakening Academy until your lesson has been learned, or because there is interference preventing you from receiving the message you are due. Alternatively, it could be that you have a deeper spiritual learning to complete before you can move forward.

My Psychic Awakening Academy and the team add that it only feels like a curse if you do nothing to complete your karmic cycle. Unless you learn the lesson the universe is offering you and fully embrace it, you will continue to repeat the cycle.

A spokesperson said: “Awakening your psychic gifts is a journey of discovery. With the correct psychic tools, however, you can fast-track your psychic development training success with a step-by-step and easy-to-follow approach that we teach. You can learn everything from grounding to psychic protection to opening your third eye.”

You can find out more by visiting the link provided!

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