Learn CSR Basics & How to Apply it in Your Office With Certified Online Classes

Jul 13, 2021

LearnDay announces its new micro-credentials bundle course for corporate social responsibility. The online school helps employees upskill their competencies in various subjects.

Are you looking to improve your skillset as an HR professional? Why not attend a micro-credentials course on corporate social responsibility!

LearnDay, an online school for micro-credentials courses, announces its corporate social responsibility (CSR) classes. The three-part program teaches you the importance of CSR and how to apply it in the new business climate.

Check out https://learnday.thinkific.com/bundles/CSR-corporate-social-responsibility now!

The newly announced courses address the need in the market for more classes on CSR. According to the latest market research, many companies want to expand their CSR programs to include more investments in green technologies and diversity initiatives.

Current trends in corporate social responsibility note that millennials play a significant role in how these programs are implemented, with experts describing a focus on climate change and inclusion issues. In particular, analysts have seen more millennial employees pushing for more intensive CSR programs to address global concerns.

Nevertheless, many HR employees are not equipped to initiate several CSR programs at once. This phenomenon inspired LearnDay to create its employment-ready micro-credentials CSR courses. The online school uses a proven learning approach to guide you towards a deeper understanding of your preferred subject taught by highly experienced instructors.

Because the school is entirely online, you save on tuition and learn at your own pace. Apart from its CSR bundled courses, the school also has classes on blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and K-12 technology programs, among others.

It announced its corporate responsibility courses to fill the gap and help more businesses succeed in their various initiatives.

Micro-credentials courses can take anywhere between five days to 10 months to complete, depending on the subject being learned. Still, they are an efficient way for you to strengthen your competency in a specific area.

LearnDay says that several academic journals highlight the importance of short courses or electives in improving one’s value in a company. Having several certificates can also increase one’s viability as a potential candidate for a managerial position.

With its announced courses, LearnDay continues its mission in providing high-quality education for specific subjects at affordable prices.

A happy graduate wrote, “Courses are very easy to navigate, combined with an audio version and supported with reasonable assignments.”

It’s always great to learn new things – so why not try a course that will improve your work as well?

Go to https://learnday.thinkific.com/bundles/CSR-corporate-social-responsibility so you can learn more!

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