Get The Best Online Education Sector Investment Opportunities With This Platform

Jul 19, 2021

Invest in a platform that has its finger on the pulse of modern business’s educational needs. Make your money affect real change by funding innovative training on LearnDay, Inc through Wefunder.

If you are interested in being part of the ongoing evolution of education, invest today in the LearnDay, Inc platform!

The company are online education and certification specialists based in Tulsa, OK, and they’ve just launched an investment opportunity for financiers to fund the expansion of their proprietary learning platform. Whether you’re a new or experienced investor, the launch offers you the chance to help bankroll the company’s growth phase in the post-pandemic education sector.

You can help build a more accessible future for the next generation in regulated industries with LearnDay, Inc. More details here

The newly launched investment opportunity offers you a share in the platform’s increasing revenue streams. LearnDay, Inc currently hosts over 11,200 accounts with more than 24,000 enrollments in sectors such as Canadian insurance.

The entire world has undergone huge social and economic change over the past year as the public health crisis swept the globe. No sector has been untouched by the restrictions on movement and how business is conducted. Education is at the forefront of this operational evolution as learning providers and institutions move classes and opportunities online, making training and courses more accessible and affordable for students everywhere.

The platform offers courses on cryptocurrency and recurring insurance, reflecting the growing demand for expertise in these areas of financial expansion. All courses provide mandatory education and training for regulated industries.

Your funding will be administered through Wefunder, a crowdfunding platform for the investment sector, offering financial support for start-ups and fledgling businesses. This extends investment opportunities that were previously the preserve of accredited investors to anyone who is willing to offer financial support.

LearnDay, Inc. offer independent certification of student performance and examinations, industry recognition, as well as partnerships with established educational institutions for curriculum development.

Formed in 2020 by Chris Greyling and Jacques Wong, LearnDay, Inc are dedicated to providing innovation in modern online education. The company answer the need for evolving and forward-thinking education opportunities in the post-pandemic era.

A spokesperson says, “The mission is simple yet powerful, ‘Build an online education platform for certified and regulated industries’ that promotes life-long skills learning in an ever-changing workplace.”

With the launch of their investment opportunity through Wefunder, LearnDay, Inc invite you to support a new era of online education.

Knowledge is power and LearnDay are leading the charge for affordable and accessible learning in the digital age. Find out more here

If you have capital to invest and want to make a real difference with your money, sign up to the Wefunder campaign for LearnDay, Inc today!

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