Learn Conversational Japanese In Person or Online at Singapore Language School

Mar 4, 2021

Get the most out of your travels by learning conversational Japanese at Crystal Learning in Singapore.The language school offers small group classes both in person and online.

Do you want to learn Japanese and actually get to know the people you meet when you travel to Japan? Sign up for the Japanese course at Crystal Learning today!

Crystal Learning, a language school based in Singapore, has just announced the addition of Japanese to its catalog of language courses. The small group classes are conducted by Taiyo Japanese Language School and are designed to teach you to effectively communicate when visiting, living or working in Japan.

Go to https://crystallearning.edu.sg/japanese-language for more information.

Japanese is the newest language course to be offered by Crystal Learning, which also teaches Korean, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, English, and European languages to individuals and businesses worldwide.

Studies have shown that less than 30% of Japanese speak English, and only between 2% and 8% speak it fluently. Taking Japanese lessons before you travel to Japan will help you make deeper connections with native Japanese speakers who may not be able have in-depth conversations in English.

The Japanese course offered by Crystal Learning doesn’t waste any time on confusing theories or complex grammar rules – it dives right into teaching you the conversational skills you most need to learn. Using a textbook and other proprietary materials developed by Taiyo Japanese, you will learn lessons in a progressive sequence and use real-world scenarios specially designed to give you a basic understanding of the Japanese language.

Unlike other schools, Crystal Learning’s in-person classes are taught in small groups of no more than 8 people to give you more personalized instruction with its experienced teachers. Private classes are also available. If you don’t live in Singapore or prefer remote learning, Crystal Learning also offers online classes for students anywhere in the world. The Japanese course duration is 24 hours and all classes are taught in English.

Beyond teaching conversational Japanese, the course will also prepare you for all levels of the standardized Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT).

The addition of Japanese to the language courses offered by Crystal Learning serves to further its mission to help students develop lasting relationships through effective communication and language proficiency. The centre was named a Singapore Prestige Enterprise in 2014/15 and received the Top Business Achiever Award for 2017/18.

“Whether you want to network for business reasons, develop a healthy social life or make yourself understood in a restaurant, learning Japanese will enhance your experience of life in Japan,” said a company spokesperson. “Our conversational course brings you what you need to start speaking Japanese as soon as humanly possible.”

With highly qualified teachers, small group instruction and course materials designed to help you navigate real-life situations, Crystal Learning has everything you need to start learning Japanese on day one.

Ready to learn Japanese and make meaningful connections while you travel? Go to https://crystallearning.edu.sg/japanese-language to find out more and get started!

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