Learn About YieldNodes’ Consistent Crypto Returns Via Masternode Server Rental

Jul 8, 2022

If you’ve been worried about your cryptocurrency investments in the wake of the Bitcoin crash, Black Book Crypto’s guide to YieldNodes gives you a new alternative to earning consistent returns in spite of the market.

Learn About YieldNodes' Consistent Crypto Returns Via Masternode Server Rental

Looking for a more secure way to invest and protect cryptocurrency assets? Read Black Book Crypto's new review of YieldNodes and find out how masternode rental can give you consistent returns amid the fluctuating markets.

Black Book Crypto's guide offers you an in-depth look at the mechanics, management, and associated risks of company's masternoding system for increased investment yields.

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The article gives you a look at YieldNodes' monthly returns over the past eight months, highlighting the consistent performance of the masternode server's pooled resources and diverse membership. The average monthly yield over the period, which coincided with NASDAQ and Bitcoin corrections, was 7.7%.

Masternoding describes a server with a unique network status. By providing special services, validating transactions, and network governance, rewards are earned which incentivize the continued participation of users. While you can set up masternodes on your own, this requires large-scale staking, often totaling tens of thousands of dollars. Consequently, partnering with a masternoding company such as YieldNodes minimizes your risk and improves asset security.

The review describes how YieldNodes' transparency of operations gives you peace of mind with TrustPilot awarding the company a 4.7 trust rating. Key benefits for users include monthly returns of between 5 and 15%, a return of rental payments if the yield drops below 5% for three consecutive months, and a minimum deposit of $565.

The article goes on to explain that deposits can be made in US dollars, Euros, and via Mastercard, Visa, SAPP Vouchers, Bank Wire, or Bitcoin from any country. The YieldNodes system pools resources to purchase masternodes for various cryptocurrencies, selecting coins that are most likely to increase in value to give you better returns.

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If you're confused about crypto, concerned about the NASDAQ crash, and wondering what Bitcoin's wobble means for investors, check out Black Book Crypto for actionable strategies to manage your risk.

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