Lead Generation Strategies For B2B Growth: Get Video Production & Marketing

May 1, 2023

Exciting news! Renowned inbound marketing agency Beacons Point brings cutting-edge content marketing strategies and HubSpot CRM solutions to B2B companies looking to expand and achieve greatness. Could your lead gen strategy use a boost?

In the fast-paced world of B2B marketing, driving leads and accelerating growth can seem like an uphill battle. That's why it's crucial to partner with a team of experts who have a proven track record of success.

Multi-award-winning inbound marketing agency Beacons Point is this expert team.

Through innovative, precisely targeted content strategies and HubSpot lead management technologies, Beacons Point drives the results you need to see.

If you're a B2B whose goal this year is to accelerate growth, Beacons Point is standing by. They'll implement the best in today's inbound marketing strategies, including compelling, journalistic quality video production, website development, and HubSpot CRM services to deliver on your goals.

Get started now, at https://beaconspoint.com

Did you know that a recent marketing industry benchmark study revealed 71% of B2B companies with documented buyer personas exceed their lead and revenue goals year after year? That is an impressive metric.

Want to make it yours?

The marketing experts at Beacons Point will work with you to build an effective content marketing strategy rooted in accurate buyer personas that position you as a leader and expert in your sector, ultimately generating more quality leads. With additional HubSpot integration, you can begin converting these leads into customers.

“Content marketing is one of the most effective growth strategies today’s B2B companies can employ,” says a spokesperson for Beacons Point. “Companies that understand how to use content to drive target decision-makers to their websites and convert these leads into partnerships are the ones positioned to outperform in their sectors.”

Compared to outbound marketing activities that rely on business development representatives actively chasing leads, inbound marketing - essentially content marketing - offers extensive reach, reducing your cost per lead by 61%. Ready to get more for less?

Beacons Point leverages the power of high-value content to give you an efficient, cost-effective growth strategy you can rely on for the long term.

Their services begin with an audit of your existing marketing activities, including key competitor research and a deep dive into available analytics. Results of these audits form the foundation for a campaign that incorporates high-traffic keywords on topics that address your buyer persona challenges, motivations, and goals.

Video-first content paired with a high conversion website and HubSpot CRM are all strategized to meet SMART goal frameworks and achieve your objectives. As a result, you close more deals and can grow more rapidly.

Beacons Point has helped a range of high-profile clients thrive, companies and organizations that include the University of California, Systran, CMTC, and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, and they can do the same for you.

A director of marketing and communications at partnering B2B BBSI says, “We work with different Beacons Point teams and I couldn’t be more pleased with the support we are receiving. They go above and beyond to ensure our HubSpot/Salesforce integration is precisely executed and they’ve created incredible content formulated to achieve our goals.”

Are you ready to grow and prosper? Learn more at https://beaconspoint.com

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