Launch of Best Facial Cleanser & Retinol Serum Eye Cream

Oct 11, 2016

A Unique New Skin Care Line just Released for Business and Professional Women or Women on the Go focusing on natural and organic ingredients that are effective. Our Goal was to develop the best skin care products possible with highest standards. And now these are being picked up by all women not just business women.

Unique New Skin Care Line Released – Beauty Skin for Life – Focusing on Natural and Organic. Best Skin Care Products for Business and Professional Women or Women on the Go.

The Goal was to develop the best skin care products possible with highest standards. Many skin care products just don't deliver the results that are promoted. So the criteria became if the product development didn't fulfill the standards it wouldn't be used.

And these 10 standards have successfully resulted in this exceptional Skin Care line of products:

1. Very effective results obtained for the widest range of skin types and age groups.

2. Primarily organic, wild crafted or natural (not synthetic) ingredients.

3. Safe with no side affects.

4. Utilizes the latest technology in blending and processing the products for maximum effectiveness.

5. Use high quantities of main active ingredients, not just a drop to say the product contained X ingredient.

6. Gives the desired results in as short a time as possible.

7. Be Salon/Spa Quality Skin Care Products but at a reasonable price point so they are affordable to everyone.

8. Be fragrance free as much as possible

9. Deliver an end result to make the skin plumper, firmer with a healthier look, nourishing the skin for a vibrant radiant appearance.

10. And last but not least, must be easy to use and takes the minimum amount of time to apply.

Over the years of research and development these standards were achieved, all 10 objectives, and what turned out to be some of the Best Skin Care Products available. The company looked at women using these for life, and thus the company name was born – Beauty Skin for Life!

Initially they are launching 5 products but will be adding to this line soon. They are not interested in just having products developed to sell as quickly as possible, but each product has to go through strict and rigorous development procedures before it is offered for sale.

Best Retinol Serum Eye Cream

Watch the website for new future products in the ever growing Beauty Skin for Life Skin Care Products line.

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