LASIK Surgery For Astigmatism: Get 20/20 Vision At Top Eugene Eye Clinic

Feb 9, 2024

If you’re looking for laser eye surgery to get 20/20 vision and want to work with the best eye care specialists, call Pacific ClearVision Institute at +1-541-343-5000!

Pacific ClearVision Institute has conducted over 20,000 LASIK surgeries – helping people throughout Eugene, OR, and the surrounding area to see more clearly. If you're looking for the best eye care specialists near you, get in touch – and enjoy 20/20 vision!

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Instant vision correction

When you first visit the Pacific ClearVision Institute for a LASIK consultation, the team conducts an initial assessment - which includes using advanced corneal imaging technology to view the unique shape of your eyes. This allows the surgeons to determine if you are a strong candidate for reshaping.

Pacific ClearVision says the treatment offers a solution for both nearsighted and farsighted patients who struggle with blurry vision. By reshaping the cornea, the ophthalmologists can help you see more clearly - with instant vision correction and a fast healing process.

“Your eyes recover quickly. In 24 hours, 85% of the healing has occurred,” a spokesperson explains. “Usually, you will be able to drive yourself to the post-op visit without glasses or contacts - although for a week or two, it is common for vision to improve day by day.”

Amazing results with quick healing

Over 25 million LASIK procedures have taken place in the United States, according to a recent Forbes report, with around 70-90% achieving 20/20 vision or better. The report notes that even those who don't reach perfect vision typically report high satisfaction with their results.

The team at Pacific ClearVision underscores that - while initial healing is fast - it may take around two months for your eyes to completely adjust after the surgery. However, the visual benefits are typically permanent, so you don't need to use glasses or contact lenses anymore.

All your eyecare needs covered

In addition to LASIK surgery, Pacific ClearVision Institute provides a full range of eye care solutions - including dry eye treatment, specialty contact lens fitting, glaucoma management, and cataract surgery.

A spokesperson states: “We strive to provide compassionate, personalized care for every patient - walking alongside you in your eye health journey. We provide hope with exceptional care and education to achieve a lifetime of healthy vision and well-being.”

Imagine a world where you don’t need to prod contacts into your eyes or use glasses every day just to see clearly…

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