Las Vegas Plumbing Maintenance Company Helps Clients Lower Their Water Bills

Sep 19, 2023

Need high-powered drain cleaning services for your Las Vegas business? Keep everything flowing with Redline Plumbing LLC (702-935-4465). Their services include hydro-jet pipe and drain cleaning and much more.

If you can say, as Sisyphus did, “I didn’t see it coming, the crib needs new plumbing,” then perhaps you should call Redline Plumbing, and they’ll be coming – to the rescue!

The company’s preventive maintenance and plumbing services for gas and water systems cover inspections, service, installation, and repair for both residential and commercial clients. All services are compliant with the International Plumbing Code (IPC) and the state code.

If you need emergency plumbing services, call the 24-hour hotline right away at 702-935-4465, or, if you'd like more information about Redline Plumbing's services, head on over to

Their new maintenance services include water pressure valve replacement and pressure testing, water filtration system maintenance, faucet updates and replacements, water manifold maintenance, water heater servicing, and sewer line and drain cleaning. You can get free estimates and online bookings for all these services right on their website.

If you need water heater servicing, Redline’s technicians can install and repair all kinds of water heaters - standard, tankless, gas, and electric systems. They recommend you get an anode rod replacement every two to three years for superior water heater tank longevity.

Their technicians can also remove clogs and back-ups in your sewer line and drain by knocking out debris and grease build-ups. They do this through a method called hydro-jet drain cleaning, which uses a machine that works up as much as 4,000 pounds per square inch of water pressure and then releases it through a high-pressure jetting nozzle into the clogged pipe.

Redline's hydro-jet drain cleaning services are available for your home, your business, or your industrial or municipal establishment. Hydro-jet drain cleaning is a fast, efficient, and cost-effective cleaning methodology, as it keeps your pipes and drains clear of debris over the long term.

About Redline Plumbing LLC

Redline Plumbing LLC is a professional plumbing service, installation, and repair provider that specializes in diagnosing high water bills and leak detection. The company offers both new and retrofit installations, including toilet, bathtub, water heater, and water installations; faucet and sink replacements; and much more.

A representative for the company explained, “We can do water leak detection, including underground and under-slab leak detection, water service piping replacement, and fixing busted water mains. Our team can perform hydrostatic pressure testing to detect unknown leaks within your residence or commercial business. We also provide emergency services through our 24/7 quick response hotline, as well as competitive pricing and same day no-charge estimates.”

With Redline's top-flight preventive maintenance services, you won't need to check out the plumbing when you go to check out the plumbing - if you get my drift. What a relief, amirite?

Learn more about Redline Plumbing here:

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