Lakeland Invisalign Price & Payment Plans: Clear Aligners For Kids & Teens

Nov 16, 2023

Lakeland Smile Factory (863-734-6300) is the best choice for all your orthodontic needs, offering affordable Invisalign clear aligners to patients of all ages.

A good smile is worth 1000 words!

I mean it: studies have shown that a nice smile can be an essential tool when making friends, cutting business deals, and when cultivating a healthy self-esteem! In fact, over 70% of people surveyed said that they felt that healthy, well-aligned teeth were essential in a social setting when trying to make new connections.

It's not just that, though - the alignment of your teeth also contributes to other factors, such as jaw health, gum health, and the longevity of your teeth. A healthy smile can even play a role in digestion, impacting how well you are able to chew your food!

The bottom line is that teeth aren't just for show - alignment problems can compound into much more significant issues down the line, so take action now!

If you feel as though you may benefit from orthodontic work, The Lakeland Smile Factory can be the answer. They can provide you with a treatment plan and financial information to get your teeth into top condition using the best clear aligner providers on the market - no braces needed!

They are connected with the best orthodontists in Lakeland, and will set you up with the right care for your needs and budget.

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Lakeland Smile Factory offers affordable treatment plans above all else. Clear aligners can be expensive through mail-order services or other comparable, less personalized treatments. Lakeland wants to make sure that you can your family can get the treatment you need for a price that won't break the bank!

What is Invisalign, anyway?

You've probably seen ads for Invisalign treatment, but what is it, really? How does it work?

The Invisalign treatment that Lakeland Smile Factory can connect you with uses a progression of clear, removable aligners to realign teeth. These treatments typically last 10 to 24 months, though this may vary depending on your age, oral health, the severity of the malocclusion, and other medical factors.

Invisible braces also have an aesthetic advantage over traditional metal braces. Ceramic or clear plastic brackets are nearly invisible, and are a budget-friendly alternative to their metal counterparts, especially for children and teens. They are also vastly more comfortable than metal braces, which are notoriously rough on the inside of the mouth.

What if I need metal braces?

Lakeland Smile Factory also offers quotes and financial information regarding standard metal braces if they determine that to be the best course of action in your case. This determination will be made during your consultation, at which time a quote will also be provided.

Typically, an orthodontist will adjust a patient's braces every 4-6 weeks for 1-3 years until dental alignment is complete. While this longer course of treatment may not be ideal, it may be necessary to keep your smile looking the best it can be.

About Lakeland Smile Factory

Lakeland Smile Factory is a leading source of treatment information and price quotes on orthodontic treatments for kids and adults. Their site includes a no-cost guide to Invisalign costs in Lakeland and tips for caring for braces.

When you are ready to get orthodontic care, Lakeland Smile Factory will be there! Your smile deserves the best care, and they can point you in the right direction. Contact them today to take the first steps down the road to a healthier mouth.

A spokesperson for Lakeland Smile Factory said: "Call us now for a free, no-hassle quote for your new smile. We provide a variety of high-quality orthodontics at affordable prices for all of the metro Lakeland area."

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