Laguna Beach Dental Practice Top Google Rankings: Autofill Optimization Tech

Apr 8, 2024

If you run a dental practice in the Laguna Beach or Newport Beach regions of California, My Tooth Media offers an innovative new way to dominate Google search results: autocomplete optimization.

The Powerful Alternative To SEO

If you’re lucky, SEO might gain you one position on the first-page of local search results, and it won’t come cheap. With autofill optimization, My Tooth Media can gain you 10 positions on page-1 of Google, and it’s also much more affordable than SEO.

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The first step is to choose keywords or phrases you want associated with your practice, such as “best dentist in Laguna Beach.” The unique technology then works its magic to make your practice appear in autofill whenever someone starts typing that phrase.

The most popular dentist-related keywords are limited, and clinics in the Laguna Beach and Newport Beach have a chance to get in first. My Tooth Media issues each phrase on an exclusive basis, and they’re available on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you need to be quick.

How Autocomplete Works

First devised over 20 years ago, the Google autocomplete function recognizes the keywords being entered and then suggests a list of complete search strings based on historically popular entries, as well as the user’s location. Google states that a significant percentage of searches are now completed by clicking on one of autofill’s suggestions.

With the new autocomplete optimization technology, My Tooth Media offers a strategy for your dental clinic to appear as one of one of autofill’s suggested search terms, placing you in front of potential clients at the earliest stage in the search process. The firm explains that, in addition to being highly effective, the solution is also considerably less expensive than SEO or pay-per-click advertising.

“Search-Box-Optimization (SBO) is far superior to standard SEO and PPC,” a company representative explained. “We give your business superior search results - 10 spots on the first page versus 1 spot for standard SEO - making it much easier for users to click into your information and become customers.”

About My Tooth Media

Headquartered in California, My Tooth Media states that its autocomplete optimization technology is both new and unique in the digital marketing space. The firm is currently introducing the service to dental practices in select regions across the US, but states that the system is equally effective for almost any industry.

“We took as many keyword phrases as we could so we could own the search market, and we’re extremely happy with the results,” one client recently stated. “My Tooth Media delivers exactly what they promise.”

Forget SEO. Autocomplete optimization gives your dental practice the kind of search domination that SEO peeps could only dream of.

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