LA County Families With $100k Income Can Get CAL Grant Strategies At Top Advisor

Oct 29, 2022

Not sure if you or your college-bound student qualifies for the CAL Grant? Call College Planning Experts and learn everything you need to know before sending your application.

LA County Families With $100k Income Can Get CAL Grant Strategies At Top Advisor

Different grant sources have different requirements that must be met, and the CAL Grant is no different.

If you’re unsure if your family qualifies for the grant and are seeking expert advice, this LA-based consultancy can help.

College Planning Experts is now offering its advisory services to families and students across Los Angeles County who are seriously considering the CAL Grant. The company seeks to reach out to families of all income levels, particularly those with earnings just below $100,000.

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The company explained that it is targeting clients near that income threshold, as the Cal Grant has income and asset ceilings that must be met. For example, the grant has an income ceiling of $42,800 for a single student without dependents, while one with a family comprising six or more members must have an income not exceeding $135,000 (for CAL Grant A and C).

The grant also has other requirements, such as establishing your financial need and maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.

College Planning Experts can advise you on both the financial and academic requirements of your CAL Grant application. It has a team of highly trained college counselors who can guide you throughout the process.

For one, the advisory firm can assist you in the accomplishment of your FAFSA—the form that you’ll need to use in applying for the CAL Grant. College Planning Experts explained that it is easy to commit costly mistakes on the form, such as overstating your Expected Family Contribution.

“Overstating the value of your assets or income, entering information in the wrong place, missing deadlines, and misunderstanding questions are all common errors that cost individual families thousands of dollars every year,” the company stated on its website.

With College Planning Experts’ guidance, you can avoid these mistakes and increase your chances of securing funding for your or your child’s schooling.

About the Company

College Planning Experts was founded Brian Safdari, a former NCAA athlete who graduated college in debt following a career-ending accident. This experience led him to dedicate his life to exploring financial aid strategies that he now shares through his company.

Since its establishment, College Planning Experts has helped over 25,000 families attend the school of their choice. It continues to enjoy a high satisfaction rating from former clients, as evidenced by its current score on Google.

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