Kogarah NSW Long Wheel Base Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Campervan Is Perfect For Adventures

Jan 21, 2021

Check out these amazing converted 2005 Mitsubishi Delica 4WD campervans from Japanese Auto Imports. They’re designed for heavy duty driving yet converted with all the features you need for convenience in the great outdoors.

Go on an adventure in style with a converted Mitsubishi Delica campervan from Japanese Auto Imports. The van is outfitted with everything you need for convenience while out in the great outdoors.

Japanese Auto Imports, a used auto dealer specialising in Japanese brands, has launched the sale of 2005 Mitsubishi Delica 4×4 long wheel base campervans fitted out with custom features for convenience in weekend getaways and long travels. Japanese Auto Imports serves Sutherland, Kogarah, South Sydney, and other NSW communities.

You can find more information at https://japaneseauto.com.au/campervans

The Mitsubishi Delica 4×4 campervans launched for sale by Japanese Auto Imports feature custom conversion that makes the vehicles convenient to use whether for driving around on weekdays or as getaway campervans on weekends.

What makes these Long Wheel Base Delica 4WD conversions unique is the possibility to have 4 seated passengers (during weekdays) or seats can slide away and the bed panels could slide out to create a two-sleeper bed (for your weekend getaways)

A typical converted 4×4 Delica has a permanent two sleeper bed at the back, so it can only accommodate two passengers and two sleepers at any given time. In comparison, the sliding panel feature of Japanese Auto Imports’ Delica campervan conversion makes these vehicles highly versatile.

The design also allows the addition of a table with a removable metal stand so you can comfortably do computer work and other activities while on the go.

Other added features include a Dometic drawer refrigerator, a 220v microwave and cabinet, a solar panel flexible up to 250w rated, a permanent multi-burner gas stove, and a sink with fresh and grey permanent water tanks. The vans also come with 12v/USB outlet, 120v and 230v outlets and inlets, and more.

The beds/benches are made of 12 mm birch and are securely hinged to the campervan floor. Storage cabinets are also added under the benches.

Japanese Auto Imports is the largest importer of Delica vans in Australia and is equipped with CNC equipment to do any fitouts. Brand new Mitsubishi Delica is not available in Australia. The model can only be purchased used from recognized importers like Japanese Auto Imports.

The Delica is a popular model for conversion into campervans or even into motorhomes. With roomy interiors, it offers plenty of options for fitouts, yet it is compact enough for easy handling. It also features a sunroof that can easily be operated from the inside and outfitted with a solar panel to provide energy needs while outdoors.

Japanese Auto Imports’ computer numerical control or CNC equipment allows them to build all types of fitouts with precision and speed. The advanced technology behind CNC equipment guarantees quality milling work with a modern, streamlined look.

The auto dealer’s converted Mitsubishi Delica 4×4 features an automatic transmission and runs on unleaded fuel. The 4WD system makes it ideal for offroading and driving in rugged and muddy terrains.

In addition to the 2005 Delica, Japanese Auto Imports also offers other converted campervans, such as the 2004 Mitsubishi Delica HR, 2006 Delica HR Chamonix, 2016 Renault Master, and others.

With amazing conversion designs, these campervans are guaranteed to make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable, providing everything you need for convenience and comfort.

You can learn more by visiting the website mentioned above.

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