Kids Apply For Diversity Acting Scholarships With Moonlit Wings Productions

Mar 14, 2021

Award-winning performing arts studio in Northern VA/DC & Los Angeles, Moonlit Wings Productions, launches its 2021 Kids Diversity Scholarships that encourage all children to express their creativity.

Everybody’s free (to feel good). Now, isn’t that the truth? No matter who you are, where you were born, or what you identify as, you deserve to be free to express who you are in however you want.

Yet not everyone has that privilege, and so many people around the world still fight for their right to move and express themselves the way they need to. 

Moonlit Wings Productions announces its Kids Diversity Scholarships application process for children ages seven to 17 to attend their performing arts programs. The scholarships are available in Northern Virginia/DC and Los Angeles California, as well as online, and are offered in partnership with Studio For Performing Arts.

Scholarships are good towards the studio’s award-winning programs including its most popular event, Performing Arts Camp, where kids put on a show, as well as its newest program, The Active Actor™, an exclusive monthly mentorship package with weekly scene study and professional showcase opportunities.

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Moonlit Wings Productions is a two-time winner of Washington Family Magazine’s “Best for Families” competition and this last summer placed first for both “Best Arts Program” and “Best Children’s Theatre/Drama Instruction.”

The newly announced scholarships continue the core mission of Artistic Director, Walid Chaya, to make the studios programs accessible to all with a spotlight on diversity, inclusion and equality. Under Chaya’s leadership, the studio has given scholarships for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ students in an informal application process. By supporting underrepresented students, the studio has created a formal application process for future scholarships.

Moonlit Wing’s Diversity Scholarships allow underrepresented children of any background, gender or orientation to develop their creative talents. The scholarships are designed to help children learn various performing arts, including dancing, singing, and acting for the stage and screen.

Spring break acting camps are scheduled for later this month and weekly classes begin mid-April. Summer Performing Arts Camp registration is also open with a community program for theatre enthusiasts in Northern Virginia/DC and a professional program for aspiring actors in Los Angeles. Select events may also be available online and open to participants from across the United States. Scholarships will be awarded to the aforementioned programs on a rolling basis, space permitting.

Randi Mack, whose daughter previously participated in a Moonlit Wing’s program, said this of the studio, “We have done several acting camps and this one was one of the most well run. The staff was responsible, talented, and fun. The play prep was great. Walid’s leadership was especially outstanding, I encourage other parents to have their children participate in any future programs Moonlit Wings offers.”

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