Kelly & West Attorneys, P.A. 6 Legal Questions To Ask Prior to Buying A Home

May 27, 2021

With this article, we at Kelly & West Attorneys want to make sure homebuyers understand the importance of asking the right legal questions and how doing so can help protect against any issues that may arise.

Kelly & West Attorneys, P.A. located in Lillington, NC have published the article “6 Legal Questions To Ask Before Buying A Home” aimed to inform those in the market for a new house on the legal questions they should ask before purchasing a home.

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It is easy to fall in love with a home and forget about all those important legal questions you should ask before making an offer. It is important that you have these questions ready for your attorney and the seller’s attorney before moving forward with your purchase. The answer may not always be what you want to hear, but it will save you time, money, and many headaches in the future.

You are wise to be doing some research before making your purchase. Here are some questions that we feel are important to ask, because real estate agents may not always tell you upfront.

Are there any liens or claims on the property?

An attorney will do title searches and acquire title insurance for the home buyer after you have entered into a written purchase contract. This means we will examine any public records of present and previous owners to find any liens or claims on the property. And for a good reason; only after a title search will you learn that something may be wrong with the title to the land. The previous owner may not own the land, or the property may have claims that must be paid in full upon closing.

What should I look for in the property deed?

A real estate attorney will make sure that the property is transferred to the buyer without any defects shown in the public records. The property deed is the document that says the home buyer legally has ownership of the home or property. Also, make sure to ask if there are any deed restrictions that may prohibit certain construction on the property or use of the property. The deed needs to be notarized and then recorded in the county’s Register of Deeds office.

Are there any problems with the house?

Make sure you ask questions about the roofing, foundation, insulation, and any appliances or air systems that have been repaired or replaced. In NC, the seller is legally required to complete a “Residential Disclosure Statement” as a part of the “offer to purchase” whereby the seller is required to answer numerous questions about the conditions of the house.

Also, Kelly & West want to emphasize that it is the responsibility of the buyer to learn about any defects or problems with the home. If you wait until after closing, it will be too late. There is an Implied Warranty of Fitness, which means the seller should ensure that the property is habitable, but it can be hard to enforce and prove this in court.

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