Keep Your Home Cozy & Warm This Winter With North York, Toronto Interior Doors

Oct 15, 2021

Give your Toronto house the style, privacy and warm insulation it needs with The Reno Superstore North York’s (416-258-7366) new line of interior doors.

If you want to add character, value and comfort to your home, you want to pick the right interior finishes, chief amongst them your doors. That’s why The Reno Superstore North York Toronto is proud to offer more door options in more styles than any of their competitors. 

With their new collection, the retailers are offering the most comprehensive selection of solid, hollow and glass doors in the Greater Toronto Area. Their latest doors are already in stock and are waiting for you to come and pick them up.  

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The launch coincides with the arrival of mid-fall. As the temperature begins to drop throughout Toronto, customers are reminded that windows and doors are two of the primary culprits for the loss of interior temperature. This includes interior doors, which help to insulate core parts of your home, especially at night. 

As such, The Reno Superstore North York Toronto has added an array of solid interior doors to their new range.    

One of the popular new options you are sure to like is their Shaker Solid Door, which comes in five different styles, featuring from one to five distinct inset panels. The door comprises high-quality engineered wood stiles and rails and has true 90 degree corners, with no bevels. This makes for a perfectly flush final finish, with no gaps for cold air to enter through.

So that the door can be made to suit the look and feel of your home, it is available in primed MDF or with a stainable veneer. It also comes in a broad selection of available widths and heights. 

If you are looking for a distinctly contemporary style, The Reno Superstore North York Toronto also has a wide selection of glass accented doors. This includes their Frosted Glass Panel Door, which is available in a one, three or five panel option.

Using the same quality materials as their solid doors and featuring a warp-resistant solid wooden core, these modern doors invite light and a sense of airiness into your home without compromising on warmth or insulation. 

If you are on a budget, the retailers also have an expansive range of cost-efficient hollow doors that still offer a high level of style and functionality. 

The Reno Superstore is a home renovation chain which has been serving the Greater Toronto region for more than 20 years. 

In addition to their interior door collection, they can assist you with all your renovation needs, including flooring, bathroom fixtures, kitchen counters and cabinetry, and more. 

A spokesperson for the superstore said, “Finding the right door in Toronto, at unbeatable prices, doesn’t get easier than this. With our wide selection of different designs and compositions, we make it possible to fulfill the request of any job, regardless of its budget size.” 

The right door can be a valuable addition to your home for years to come.

Visit today to see which of The Reno Superstore North York’s quality doors is the one for you!

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