Get Best Waterproof Luxury Vinyl Flooring From This Toronto CA Supplier

Apr 15, 2021

The Reno Superstore offers high-quality vinyl tile flooring you need for your Toronto home or business – call +1-416-258-7366 today to find out more!

Don’t compromise on your home’s floors–get in touch with The Reno Superstore, try their luxury vinyl plank flooring and discover why it’s the materials your home deserves!

The Reno Superstore, a home renovation materials supplier based in Toronto, Canada, launched an updated range of premium vinyl flooring. The company specializes in marketing a wide array of home improvement products.

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Having spent over 20 years in the home renovation industry, the owners of The Reno Superstore decided to create a home improvement and building materials one-stop-shop. They recently announced the release of new luxury vinyl flooring to provide you with beautiful yet affordable flooring options.

According to contractors and building experts, while hardwood and stone floors still offer a more attractive appearance, with their natural grains and color, they can be too expensive for most buyers. Good quality vinyl tile or plank flooring is a great alternative to real wood and stone floors for their ease of installation and affordability.

Vinyl flooring is also easier to maintain as it is waterproof, unlike hardwood floors which are very susceptible to water and moisture damage. And because vinyl is a softer material, it offers a sound absorbent quality due its layers and rubberized backing.

The Reno Superstore has a huge variety of new, high-quality vinyl flooring that come in a wide array of styles, textures and colors, mimicking the façade of various types of stone and wood. They carry excellent brands that look very close to the real thing that only a close examination will reveal their faux properties.

The store offers hundreds of different colors and textures to suit your needs. There are many different flooring sizes that come in a wide array of thickness—from 4mm to 8mm. You can choose between SPC, PVC, embossed, between click types, loose lay and glue down installation systems.

Furthermore, besides offering the largest variety of vinyl flooring in Toronto, they also offer you the most competitive prices with the company’s price match guarantee.

According to a spokesperson from The Reno Superstore, “Home renovations can be hard but shopping for the materials you need doesn’t have to be. Our unique showroom/warehouse is designed for functionality and easy access. We cater to the needs of homeowners, contractors, interior designers and anyone looking for affordable building solutions.”

The Reno Superstore is the trusted name in home improvement products–call +1-416-258-7366 to order yours today!

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