KaraMD Has Best Health & Lifestyle Tips To Reduce Inflammation In Middle Age

May 15, 2023

Dr. Kara, MD’s online home, KaraMD®, has the most informative, accurate and life-changing health and wellness advice on the internet. If you suffer from inflammation, this should be your first port of call.

KaraMD® is giving you a road map to good health and has all the advice you need to reduce inflammation in your body.

KaraMD’s new informational health resource has been designed especially for middle-aged readers like yourself, as Dr. Kara believes this is a critical phase of your life that will shape your health outcomes into old age. Dr. Kara is a physician and a functional, natural and preventative medicine specialist who is on a mission to address some of the most common healthcare concerns in the United States today, including inflammation.

Go to https://www.karamd.com/ to find out more.

KaraMD® appreciates that, to you, inflammation may seem like a health and wellness buzzword, that fails to describe a precise and treatable condition. However, as the latest information from the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences explains, more and more Americans are now experiencing inflammation with chronic inflammatory conditions now contributing to more than 50% of deaths worldwide.

As Dr. Kara explains, if you have chronic inflammation, you may increase your risk for an autoimmune condition like rheumatoid arthritis, a cardiovascular issue like heart disease, a gastrointestinal disorder like IBS, a lung disease like asthma, a metabolic disease like type 2 diabetes, a neurodegenerative disease like Parkinson’s, or cancer.

However, if you have chronic inflammation, it is most likely the result of your lifestyle choices, which means you can prevent these severe conditions before their onset. This is why KaraMD® has published their new information resource for you, which is called ‘A Complete Guide to Foods that Reduce Inflammation’.

Accompanied by detailed notes authored personally by Dr. Kara, the new resource covers essential food groups like good oils, fish, nuts, fruits and herbs, that can all aid in reducing inflammation in middle age.

You can also find other informative health resources on the KaraMD platform which address good health essentials regarding sleep, exercise, diet, and more.

Over a prestigious 30-year career with Cleveland Clinic, Dr. Kara of KaraMD® has developed a reputation as both a holistic health and wellness medical doctor and a thought leader. He is determined to help you build healthier lifestyle habits, enjoy total body wellness, and put your health in your hands.

A spokesperson for the doctor said, “Our diets can have a huge impact on health, from managing disease to keeping every organ system running smoothly. Another area of health that can be impacted by a good diet is inflammation. While some inflammation is a natural defense response of our bodies, too much can cause issues, like swollen joints, pain, and chronic illnesses. If you’re looking to use your diet as a way of reducing your inflammation, we’re here to help you get started.”

If you have inflammation but have written it off as not a big deal or just some wellness jargon, you could be putting your body at serious risk.

That’s why you need to visit https://karamd.com/health-insights/ today, to start changing your health and wellness outcomes for the better with KaraMD.

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