Job Advertising Automation Tools Reduce Hiring Time & Costs For SMB Recruiters

Mar 27, 2023

JobAdX can help you maximize your job ad ROI and reduce time needed to find a candidate with their new and improved programmatic advertising platform.

Job Advertising Automation Tools Reduce Hiring Time & Costs For SMB Recruiters

The best job ad campaigns reach their target audience quickly and draw in qualified candidates without much extra effort from the hiring team. However, creating such a campaign with minimal ad spend can be nearly impossible in a job search ecosystem spread across hundreds of sites, many industry-specific and decentralized.

One recent study found that, during the candidate search process, the average recruiter wastes over 40% of their budget on ads that get almost no qualified traffic, if any at all. That money could bolster your systems and team for the next recruitment task, but it is evaporating through your fingers.

With JobAdX, you can take that money back. Their lightweight programmatic automation tools allow you to run hyper-targeted campaigns automatically, and thanks to their algorithmic placement tools, these campaigns are likely to become increasingly effective over time.

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With features shared across their “Optimize” and “Exchange” programmatic advertising platforms, the JobAdX ecosystem will offer your team a new level of autonomy. These two platforms will allow you to automate the job advertising process using easy-to-use, user-friendly software and highly developed cost-control tools.

When you use the JobAdX platform, you can choose either of the following two methods to run your programmatic advertising campaigns:

JobAdX Exchange provides many typical ad exchange program features but with enhanced automation and analytics capabilities. The platform can run multiple campaigns at once to automatically target qualified talent and narrow the scope of the campaign over time to appear only on high-traffic sites.

The Optimize option, on the other hand, benefits more heavily from the company's data-driven approach and allows your team to manually direct the JobAdX algorithm to reduce wasteful spending by eliminating redundancy. Optimize has also recently gained enhanced, real-time analytical tools that boost these capabilities and introduce new campaign possibilities on the platform.

Both options operate by connecting you with a large selection of partner sites where job ads will appear automatically. This catalogue features over 200 specialty job boards that draw industry traffic differently, providing a significant degree of control while allowing the automated programmatic tools to work effectively with minimal interference.

These tools are being constantly updated to help consolidate the task of hiring, making talent acquisition easier for teams of any size. The platform provides centralized reporting on specific, job-level data to enhance the aforementioned automation tools while allowing goal-driven teams seeking a high specificity to use the platform effectively.

If this platform sounds like it may be beneficial to your hiring team, you can easily book a demo and a virtual tour of the software through the company's website. Stop wasting money on poorly targeted job ads; get JobAdX!

These tools have been developed by a small team of dedicated professionals who have spent nearly a decade working with many of America’s largest brands to improve the hiring process for all.

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