Jesus’ Messages To Bring Love, Peace: Spiritual Faith Book On Divine Revelations

Feb 1, 2023

Continue your spiritual journey with the lessons of Jesus in Albert Fike’s second book, “Finding Our Way Home”. This beautiful book shares revelations you need to learn to find love and peace in these ever-changing times.

Jesus’ Messages To Bring Love, Peace: Spiritual Faith Book On Divine Revelations

The world is spiritually changing. You may already be experiencing it with sudden negative thoughts, ringing in your ears, or this incessant nagging that there is a spiritual war raging right now.

But what do you do when you can’t see, touch, or feel what you fear?

Have faith. No matter what is happening in the world, the only thing that God asks is for you to believe. Have faith that He will protect you and it is true.

Keep praying and finding strength in a supportive community. And if you need more advice, you can turn to Divine Love Sanctuary’s “Finding Our Way Home” by Albert J Fike. The second in the series of the Divine Love trilogy, “Finding Our Way Home” shares spiritual lessons from Jesus for the ever-changing world.

The book discusses the importance of love in finding peace in your life. The essence of heaven, as shown by Jesus and spoken through the mediumship of Albert Fike, is to love one another without fear or restraint. This is especially important today, as recent studies suggest a growing number of people are being diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety.

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Albert Fike wrote “Finding Our Way Home” to continue sharing the messages he has received from Jesus. Fike once had direct communication with the Savior that lasted more than 18 hours. During that time, Jesus spoke of the need to assuage the fears of humanity so that they can be prepared for heaven. Fike wrote down what he learned in what is now the Divine Love trilogy.

Most of us don’t realize that we have strayed from our divine home because of our fear and disbelief in the Lord. It is a lifelong test that we must pass to ensure our places in heaven and the forgiveness of God.

“Finding Our Way Home” is the second book in the series and goes more in-depth about what the new world will look like. According to Fike, celestial, stellar, and other divine forces are currently working together to help birth a new way for humanity. This radical shift can be comfortably experienced only through Jesus’ teachings.

The book is designed to awaken the mind and soul with revelations spoken by the Savior. Fike explains that he wrote the lessons in clear and simple language so that anyone can understand what is written. He begins with a recap of the previous lessons expounded in the first book of the trilogy, “Our World In Transition”.

The third and last book, “Awakening to Soul Consciousness” has recently been released as well. As with the previous books, Awakening is available both as a paperback and an ebook for Kindle.

A spokesperson for Divine Love Sanctuary wrote, "The depth and breadth of Jesus’s teachings and revelations continue to awaken both the mind and the soul in clear and understandable language and concepts, adding to his previous lessons. Another must-read for those who are intent on understanding what is happening in our modern world and how we might find our way to the new and harmonious world to come."

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