Jersey City Long-Sleeve Cotton Graffiti Tees Is Perfect Gift For Feminist Women

Feb 27, 2024

If you love Jersey City or urban street art, then you should definitely check out Sarah James Jazz Merch’s latest release in their NYC Graffiti apparel line! It features a graffiti image of two strong, racially diverse women surrounded by beautiful jungle imagery.

Celebrate Jersey City Every Day

Jersey City celebrates its diverse population year-round with art festivals, food festivals, and cultural parades. But now you can celebrate it every day with Sarah James Jazz Merch’s new long-sleeved cotton T-shirt featuring jazz musician Sarah James’ photo of an intriguing Jersey City graffiti artwork! 

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Two Strong Women in the Jungle

The featured image on the newest T-shirt shows a graffiti artwork Sarah found on a wall along a hill going from Hoboken up to Jersey City, across the RR tracks. It depicts two women of different races in profile, regarding the viewer with a calm yet purposeful gaze and surrounded by smoky, mysterious jungle imagery.

Sarah James’ new NYC Graffiti apparel line on her online store, Sarah James Jazz Merch, offers long-sleeved T-shirts consisting of 100% pure cotton that are easy to care for and feel comfortable on your skin, and you can wear them in all seasons.

Celebrate Feminist Culture

“When I saw this image, I immediately loved it,” says Sarah. “It conveys a feeling of everyday women going about their daily activities and represents those women as friends, looking like they have agency, looking like they have business to take care of.”

Sarah James Jazz Merch’s latest release celebrates Jersey City’s size and diversity, its hip people, and beautiful spaces. If you love the city, you can wear this shirt to show your pride in Jersey City’s cultural glory. In the store, you'll also find tees depicting New York City graffiti art.

All Kinds of Colors & Sizes

You can choose the color of your tee from blue, red, purple, deep pink, and dark green and from sizes ranging from small to 3XL. Thanks to the shirts’ concealed-seam rib cuffs, the sleeves stay put when they are rolled up, and their shoulder-to-shoulder taping and seamless rib collars make for a comfortable fit regardless of your body type.

About Sarah James

Jazz musician and photographer Sarah James was born and raised in the New York metro area by a family steeped in musical traditions. After traveling and performing around the US, she moved back to the East Coast to pursue a career as a jazz musician. In the early 2000s, she began photographing NYC’s graffiti art.

“I have about 20 images that I photographed in NYC,” Sarah says. Each image tells a story, is edgy, and most, if not all, of them are no longer where they were photographed. Graffiti in NYC doesn’t last long - either the Sanitation Department comes along and tears it down, or people just paste, draw, or otherwise alter the images.”

If you want to help preserve Jersey City's vibrant yet ephemeral street art, then you'll definitely want to check out Sarah James Jazz Merch's new release, "2 Women Jersey City."

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