Iowa Content Marketing Boost Lead Retention For Bettendorf Cafes & Restaurants

Jan 5, 2024

Reap the benefits of offering your customers complimentary wifi in exchange for their contact data – discover how you can launch a targeted guest wifi marketing campaign in Bettendorf, IA with ZorgTek LLC (563 594-5900)!

Convert your business’ guest wifi into an automated, 24/7 lead-capturing machine - partner with ZorgTek LLC on a content marketing strategy that boosts your digital visibility!

If you rely on engaging in-person clients and customers, you can launch a data collection and lead conversion campaign that enhances your premises’ guest retention rates, while building targeted contact lists. 

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The agency can help you convert your existing guest wifi into automated digital marketing platforms designed to grow your customer database and support your hyper-local social campaigns.

Research published by Meta found that businesses that used content marketing techniques saw a 15% increase in revenue compared to businesses that did not. The technique works by prompting leads within proximity of your business premises to log in to your complimentary guest wifi.

“Having a social-powered Wi-Fi installed allows you to build an email list, increase loyalty, maximize social engagement, get your customers to spend more, automate proximity marketing campaigns, collect more positive reviews, and much more”, a spokesperson for the agency explained.

In exchange for their email addresses, phone numbers, or socials, guests can access your business’ wifi network without paying a fee. Not only does this encourage them to stay on your business premises for longer and potentially spend more money than they otherwise would have, but it also permits you to track their online behavior and collect essential data.

With ZorgTek’s customized content marketing campaigns, there are multiple avenues for increasing engagement and retaining leads in-person and online. For example, you can encourage wifi users to download mobile apps, complete surveys, and interact with your company on social media.

In addition to increasing foot traffic to your physical premises, this can work to increase your business’ reputation online through positive engagement and improved digital presence.

Equipped with these valuable data insights, you can optimize your content marketing campaigns over time and deploy personalized ads designed to capture top prospects. Moreover, this data can be used in conjunction with the agency’s other marketing solutions to launch email, SMS, and social campaigns and maintain a multichannel presence.

ZorgTek helps businesses implement content marketing strategies throughout Iowa and Illinois - call 563 594-5900 to get custom solutions that boost your lead conversion rates!

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