Invest In This Sustainable Luxury Vacation & Golfing Country Club In Tulum

Looking to expand your luxury property investment portfolio in the Riveria Maya? Call Agencia Inmobiliaria Bienes Raíces Quintana Roo Real Estate (+52-961-138-4865) today to find top opportunities for maximum ROI!

Invest In This Sustainable Luxury Vacation & Golfing Country Club In Tulum

Don’t miss out on the latest opportunities in sustainable vacation property investment - call Agencia Inmobiliaria Bienes Raíces Quintana Roo Real Estate today to invest in the Tulum Country Club!

The Riviera Maya investment property experts are currently promoting the world-class leisure complex. The latest luxury opportunity is ideal if you are an investor, retiree, or just looking for a vacation property in the iconic region of Quintana Roo, Mexico. 

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You can find the club just over 70 km from Cancun, between Tulum and Playa del Carmen. This luxury investment complex balances pioneering technology with respect for the natural environment. The Tulum Country Club includes 120 residential lots surrounding a common area with 24/7 security. Additionally, the club is home to one of the most prestigious golf courses in Mexico, showcasing 27 holes and hosting international PGA tournaments.

By combining avant-garde technology and world-class vacation properties, the complex represents the Mexican tourism industry’s movement towards sustainability. Situated at the southernmost point of the Riviera Maya, this location offers you many options by way of natural wonders such as the nearby cenotes and archaeological sites.


Moreover, the Cancun airport and ongoing construction of the Mayan train project mean that this area is more accessible to you than ever before. Since 2016, Tulum has been recognized as one of the hottest locations for international tourism, a change that has flooded the area with foreign investment. In 2018, over 2 million people visited Tulum and research shows that this number is only going to increase going forward.

As such, there is more demand than ever for luxury tourist accommodation. Given that the local environment is a natural paradise, much of this demand has been focused on constructing sustainable properties and tourist facilities.

The team of fully licensed realtors at Bienes Raíces Quintana Roo specializes in protecting your assets by finding prime opportunities that guarantee you maximum ROI. Over the past 7 years, the detail-oriented, future-focused operation has helped people identify and invest in unique development and vacation properties throughout the Riviera Maya.

A spokesperson for the company said, “[Our mission is to] guide you to invest in the properties of your dreams, protecting your assets with solid information, transparency, and ethics.”

Sustainable tourism is hotter than ever - call the Agencia Inmobiliaria Bienes Raíces Quintana Roo Real Estate team at +52-961-138-4865 to find out more about investing in the Tulum Country Club!

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