International Model Brenda Schad Designs Award-Winning Stylish Luxury Handbags

Nov 23, 2022

If you are searching for the perfect bag this summer, renowned international design house Tribe of Two has the finest exclusive luxury handbags.

International Model Brenda Schad Designs Award-Winning Stylish Luxury Handbags

Every woman knows that your handbag is the master stroke of your outfit, not only should it be functional but it should be fashionable. It should accent your look, show off your incredible sense of personal style and cultivate a sense of luxury and glamour. If you need a bag that does all this and more, you need Tribe of Two and their exclusive new collection.

Crafted by their head designer, the award-winning celebrity designer Brenda Schad, the new line takes inspiration from Schad’s life as a jet-setting international model and channels the luxury and high-concept style of some of the world’s most elite brands and exotic destinations.

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The launch of the collection arrives with the summer vacation season. As women across America make plans to visit fabulous local and international destinations, Tribe of Two knows that a stylish, quality handbag is essential for your trip.

Included in their line of new luxury handbags is a new range of their handcrafted Carry Alls. These spacious bags will be perfect for your long summer days of sightseeing, shopping, and eating out, with a glamorous aesthetic that takes them from day to night.

You can now pre-order their popular Urban Safari Carry All in new Gold Indio. The Urban Safari was inspired by Schad’s time in Kenya and her desire to create a bag that was both practical, durable, entirely original in its design, and that you could wear with anything.

The Gold Indio edition features beautifully hand-painted python skin with metallic gold and silver accents for an easy transition from effortless and casual to edgy and rock and roll.

You can also pre-order two new handbags in their smaller Urbana Carry Alls. The Cold Blooded bag will help you make a statement in deep indigo blue and hot pink-highlighted python skin, while their Sand bag channels timeless elegance with its soft suede texture and rich, summery beige tone.

To complement your new travel-ready Carry All bag, you can also enjoy the same authentic luxury looks in Tribe of Two’s collection of prestige clutches.

In her work as the head designer for Tribe of Two, Brenda Schad’s name has become synonymous with integrity, attention to detail, originality, style, and, above all, luxury. She frequently collaborates with other prominent artists and clients in her designs.

Tribe of Two is a luxury fashion house that was founded in 2013. The ACE Design Award winners are proud to offer their customers the highest synergy of fashion, form, and function.

A spokesperson for the store said, “Tribe of Two handbags exude prestige, elegance, and sophistication. Each piece is handcrafted in our workshop in Florence using only the finest materials and hand-selected skins. Our Italian master craftsmen’s attention to detail, combined with Brenda Schad’s singular aesthetic vision, makes each bag a unique work of art.”

If you are looking for the finest and most fashionable designs, look no further than Brenda Schad for Tribe of Two.

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