Install Low Overhead garage doors without additional training

Oct 29, 2021

Low overhead Garage Doors are quite the challenge for Installers due to the current products in the market. Super Sneaky Contract Division offers Dealers and Installers hinges that are purpose-built for a 6-inch overhead room and does not need double tracks or maintenance.

We talk a lot about garage doors and the challenges that go along with installing them. But we don’t often discuss low overhead doors, which can be quite challenging for installers as well.

For starters, is the fact that many times there’s not enough headroom left after a door installation for an operator to fit properly and work effectively. This means it takes longer for installation crews to complete this type of installation. SUPER SNEAKY hinges eliminate troublesome & costly double-track kits, are self-positioning, easy to install & work on all residential doors with all drawbar type automatic operators.

Check out the Super Sneaky Contract Division website here.

Garage door operators are difficult to lift and maneuver into the correct operating position. The OEB and OEB (Commercial) are inexpensive second-generation designs and highly successful OEB.

The OEB houses standard spring mounts and provides a solid mount point for drawbar-type operators.

The OEB (C) is mounted between two standard torsion bar mounts and will accommodate any size operator rail mount, or a pair of rail mounts, as might be required for very large panel door installations, found on warehouses or industrial units.

And don’t even get me started on having to add double tracks, train and supervise new installers (especially with the high rotation in personnel these days) and keep going back to the owner’s house for repairs or maintenance.

It’s a real headache!

What if I told you there is a way to install low overhead garage doors without all this pain?

Super Sneaky Low Overhead hinges are purpose-built and allow installers to use their current employees without special training and without using double tracks. And they’re super easy to install.

You simply position the hinges on your top panel and reinforce it by bolting a steel plate over the thin layer of wood that’s already there. This creates a bulkhead that supports the door itself and withstands all weight associated with your Low Overhead Garage Door Opener.

Since the first Low Overhead garage door was installed we’ve been receiving rave reviews. If you need to get this kind of job done as fast as possible, choose Low Overhead Hinges from Super Sneaky Contract Division.

We are so sure that this product will surpass your expectations that we offer a FREE pair of SUPER SNEAKY hinges, or SUPER SNEAKY No Tab hinges, your choice. Simply go to this page and order your FREE sample.

But these are not the only benefits of Super Sneaky garage door hinges. Some of the problems solved are:

– Can substitute existing hinges

– Does not require special training/experience

– Provides added security when the Operator Extension Bracket and Operator Reinforcement Plates are used in conjunction

– No maintenance since it uses a single track

– Can be used on Double track installations without having to remove or revise the second track

– Does not need an operator, can be installed on manually operated doors

– It’s cheaper than getting a double-track system (by far!)

– Eliminates door overhang, extending the effective length of operator rail

SUPER SNEAKY low overhead garage door hinges are available directly from our website or from our official Distributors.

All of these features make it perfect for Dealers or Installers who are looking for an easier way to install low overhead doors. This product will save you time on installation, give your customers a guaranteed effective low overhead operation, and if revamping a non-working double track, reuse existing tracking. So now your client can save time and money without worrisome maintenance issues!

For more information about Super Sneaky Contract Division, discover our Website.

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