Increase Your Medical Practice Revenue With An Early Detection Monitoring System

Oct 12, 2020

A new early detection monitoring system has been launched to improve the efficiency of medical practices. Doctors, administrators, healthcare workers, and patients can all benefit from the online system developed by EMD MD Doctors.

Do you want to increase patient satisfaction and revenue at the same time? Do you want to reduce medical admin? Do you want to improve the efficiency of your medical practice? If you have answered ‘yes’, this is the service for you!

A leading at home medical solutions provider, EMD MD Doctors, has launched a new online system for early detection monitoring. The system is aimed at doctors, administrators, and healthcare workers such as yourself, who want to efficiently treat as many patients as possible without all the admin, insurance chasing, and face-to-face contact.

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The newly launched system can help your practice manager increase your bottom line by as much as 400% as it streamlines the process of seeing patients and dealing with admin. In case you are wondering, the system is online and promotes virtual appointments, which can decrease your wait times and enable you to see patients more quickly.

Early detection monitoring is ideal for patients and doctors alike, particularly during contagious pandemics such as coronavirus. The system supplied by EMD MD Doctors helps you to be in control of patient care, save more lives, and collect more revenue for your practice while providing proactive care.

Patients have the benefit of health kits being shipped to them directly, health monitoring at home (which as you may be aware, is ideal for vulnerable and high-risk patients), daily monitoring when they are ill, and proactive education to prevent them from getting sick again.

EMD MD Doctors is not like traditional telemedicine companies that tend to be conglomerates who hire their own doctors and nurses. The approach favored by EMD MD Doctors means your patients get consistent care from one provider and build a relationship based on trust.

In case you are wondering, the system has been successfully utilized by a practice in Houston, Texas that was able to remain open by providing online services after destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey. Since then, the doctor at the practice has re-purposed his medical team to work online full-time and patient satisfaction is higher.

A company spokesperson said: “We know this business model for doctors, healthcare workers, and administrators works. Aside from releasing the grip insurance companies have on patient care, we believe our approach can change the course of the broken healthcare system forever.”

You can find out more via the website provided! Alternatively you can visit the Facebook page here

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