Inclusive Methodist Church, The Woodlands: Sunday Service Empowers Young Adults

Aug 15, 2023

Christ Church Methodist (630-620-9300) is opening their doors and their hearts to young adults in The Woodlands, Texas. For truly transformative teachings, you should try Christ Church.

If you call The Woodlands home and are searching for a new church and a true community, Christ Church Methodist is ready to receive you.

Christ Church Methodist is particularly excited to receive new young adults who live in The Woodlands area or throughout North Houston, and who may have left the church when they moved out of their parents’ homes or went to college, but who are now looking to rekindle their religious affiliation. Christ Church Methodist describes themselves as an inclusive and inspirational church and they believe that young adulthood is a period in which faith—and the community that a church can provide—can be particularly transformational.

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Christ Church Methodist has seen what the Pew Research Center also recently documented, that young people in America are 28% less likely to be religious than previous generations. However, the ministry at Christ Church Methodist believes that Christian worship can be hugely important for you as you take your first steps into your career, search for your life partner, begin a family, and more.

With their new Sunday morning services, Christ Church Methodist will firstly welcome you to either their 8.30 am Traditional Worship or 11.00 am Blended Worship, and you can then also enjoy their weekly small group sessions specifically for young adults.

As the Church describes, “The Young Adult Ministries of Christ Church exist to gather one another together in Christ, to nurture growing up into the fullness of His grace. Being a church involves more than weekly worship attendance. We are a body of believers that live life together by caring for one another, sharing our ups and downs, and seeking to grow into the likeness of Christ through the power of God’s Word and the work of the Holy Spirit.”

You can access more information on their new Young Adult Ministries and other church ministries at

In these new weekly sessions, the leaders at Christ Church Methodist will build upon the work of the Sunday morning service and will provide you with meaningful networking, counseling, and personal support, all with a view to your spiritual growth. Once you have become a part of the church community, you will also discover a vast range of music, community, and service events that fill the calendar.

Christ Church Methodist believes that—in the challenging times young adults today now occupy—spiritual faith and a church community can truly lift you up.

Christ Church Methodist is a highly respected part of The Woodlands community and they have an open door to members of all ages, including young adults, families with children, and seniors.

A spokesperson for the church added, “At Christ Church, we have a lot going on and we have something for everyone.”

If you’re looking for truly uplifting church ministry and a community that genuinely cares, you can’t do better than Christ Church Methodist.

Visit if you’d like to learn more about how they can help you grow in God.

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