Improve Your Dog’s Skin & Digestive Health – Soothe Itching With A Vet-Recommended Supplement

Oct 11, 2021

Are you worried about your dog itching all day? This new dog supplement is specially formulated to protect their skin and improve their digestion!

Your dog is a best friend and a family member rolled into one, so you want to make sure they’re healthy and able to enjoy their day. That means looking after their health and protecting their skin!

Front of the Pack has created a new product combining three postbiotics that have been shown through clinical testing to support healthy skin, digestion and a strong immune response. It’s sold in tubs, with each providing up to two months’ supply.

Visit the Front of the Pack website for more info!

The latest release is part of the company’s focus on providing you with all the solutions you need to maintain optimal pet health. Other popular items include The One, Harmony, and Move, which target different areas of pet health and wellbeing.

Soothe is made from natural ingredients, is non-GMO and pesticide-free, and has been specially formulated to alleviate and calm dogs’ itchy skin and poor digestion.

Ingredients include Omega-3 fish oil, which supports a healthy skin and coat. Egg membrane is included to support immune health, while the supplement also features a unique postbiotic combination to promote healthy gut biome.

You are advised to sprinkle one to three scoops of powder onto your dog’s food once per day. Serving size guidelines are provided on the packaging.

Pet owners cite that the product has been effective in helping their dog to stop scratching within days. It reduces itchy skin, improves the look and shine of the coat, and enables your dog to get more enjoyment out of their daily activities.

Front of the Pack is committed to providing you with high-quality products backed by science. The team believes that the pet industry has seen a surge in wellness products, and it can be hard to differentiate between fads and those that work.

While many companies use untested ingredients and fillers, Front of the Pack only uses clinically proven ingredients. Combined with the company’s patented technology, this helps to ensure that you can buy with confidence for added peace of mind.

A spokesperson for the company states: “We made it our mission to put the power back in your hands. By doing away with pseudoscience and embracing next-level standards, we’ve developed dog supplements deserving of your bestie and the unconditional love you share with them.”

Don’t risk lesser products when it comes to your dog’s health – get Soothe today and know you’re giving your furry friend the best!

Go to the Front of the Pack website for all the details you need!

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