Improve Your Communication Skills With This Behavioral Development Course

Feb 3, 2021

The Foundations of Kinection™ course from ADVO Group has launched. This foundational communication course delivers powerful techniques to improve your professional and personal communication. Enroll today!

Level up your communication skills, beat your fear of public speaking, and build deeper connections in your business when you enroll in the Foundations of Kinection™ course from ADVO’s Kinection™ Academy!

ADVO Group has launched their Foundations of Kinection™ virtual course, which provides foundational communication and connection tools through a series of 30 educational and entertaining videos.

More information on the launch can be found by visiting:

The ADVO group is a principles-based communication coaching company that helps their clients achieve Kinection™ – or a way to communicate and connect with colleagues on a deeper human level. Their recently launched Foundations of Kinection™ course is the latest addition to their online communication training courses.

The Foundations of Kinection™ course is ideally suited to working professionals and leaders who want to elevate their communication skills and connect with others more confidently. The course it optimized for mobile viewing, allowing enrollees to study at their own pace and learn educational tools in small, manageable chunks.

The course combines three educational elements: micro-coaching, edutainment, and ADVOtools. Microcoaching provides small but powerful education modules, that can be viewed during short breaks during an individual’s day, meaning communication training doesn’t have to take hours. Edutainment, provides educational materials in an entertaining way, meaning communication coaching doesn’t have to be boring. ADVOtools ensure students have a set of lifelong tools to improve their communication and connection skills at their disposal. Use what works for you!

The Foundations of Kinection™ course includes 3 modules that cover non-verbal and verbal awareness, confidence in communication, and more. Students will also learn how to be aware of the language they use, how to choose their words intentionally, and how to create a meaningful experience for others through communication. Each module is delivered through a series of video presentations, quizzes, and challenges. Students can also attend weekly drop-in office hours to ask questions and get answers from the ADVO team.

Students have 60 days to complete the course, and upon completion, will receive a certificate to mark their achievement. The course is available for online study and interested parties can enroll in the course here: It’s currently available to purchase for $499.00, or can be purchased in 2 installments of $245.50 using a payment plan.

For more information on the Kinection™ Academy and the launch of the Foundations of Kinection™ course, visit the URLs above or visit ADVO’s website here:

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