Improve Wellness With One To One Advice From Author Sheree Darien At The Wealthy Women Retreat

Sep 21, 2016

Get one to one coaching and discussion with author and personal development coach Sheree Darien, and network with other women from across the world in the Wealthy Women Retreat, where you will be pampered, supported and empowered to change your life.

  • improve wellness with one to one advice from author sheree darien at the wealthy
  • improve wellness with one to one advice from author sheree darien at the wealthy

A new retreat has been announced allowing women to be pampered, supported, empowered and treasured by other women from all around the world. It is designed to promote wellness, and explains that it strives to ensure participants leave glowing on the inside and out. It is run by author and development coach, Sheree Darien, who earned her business degree from Liberty University, and will be held at The West Hilton Head Island Resort and Spa, and helps people with advice on business, staying healthy, and being happy.

More information can be found on the retreat website at:

Sheree explains that people are more than what they see in the mirror, and emphasises that if people continue to take themselves at face value, they will continue to be ripped off. She designed her retreat as a way to help people navigate to where they want to be, enjoying the life they want to live.

She prides herself on creating opportunities and raising awareness by promoting financial inclusion, consulting with businesses, and coaching individual clients. She works hard to serve the financially underserved, and underscores that it is never too late to make the most of a second chance.

Participants at the Wealthy Women Retreat can enjoy the newly renovated hotel, with its spa and relaxation facilities, set amongst a beautiful natural backdrop. They will stay for four days, enjoying a program that includes enjoying signature treasure mocktails, a VIP treasure treatment, millennial pajama jam, and a morning fitness session walking and stretching on the beach led by Sheree herself.

Throughout the four days, women will be able to sit down with Sheree and talk to her one to one about any subject they desire. They will also be able to chat with and discuss various topics with the other women, networking and connecting with people from all over the world.

Attendees are advised to bring a sweater in case it gets cold in the conference room, some business cards for networking, and cell phones for selfies, snap chatting and using Facebook live.

Full details, as well as a contact form for asking questions and for signing up to the event, can be found on the Wealthy Women Retreat website

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