Improve Running Form & Endurance With Strength Training – Experts Explain How

Has your running performance plateaued? Learn why incorporating strength training into your routine could take you to another level, with this detailed article from Fitness Fahrenheit.

The popular training website explains how strength training can improve your running form, reduce your chances of injury, reduce your body fat, and much more. If you haven’t considered strength training before, it may be exactly what you need to step things up a gear or two.

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In fact, many top athletes use strength training to improve their performance. It’s not about looking like Arnold Schwarzenegger, it’s all about how well your body can perform. However, before you run out the door to hit the weights, Fitness Fahrenheit also gives you some tips on how to get started safely.

So, what’s the point of it all? Well, strength training, otherwise known as resistance training, involves the use of bodyweight or equipment to build your muscle mass and endurance. As muscle mass translates to an increase in weight, many runners believe that strength training is counterproductive.

In the first instance, Fitness Fahrenheit’s new report explains that really isn’t true. Sure, big Arnie probably won’t be winning any prizes, but we aren’t aiming for that. The author states that strengthening the connective tissues can not only help to prevent a wide range of injuries, but it also allows you to improve your posture and running form, resulting in greater performance. When done right, it really can help you lift your game.

While many more advantages are explained, the piece also suggests that you should begin resistance training slowly. To begin with, runners who have never performed this type of exercise should work with a fitness trainer who can show them the correct techniques. The point is to prevent future injuries, not cause new ones. Read the full article to learn the next steps in your new strength training program.

About Fitness Fahrenheit

Website founder Koji Lopez is a Marine Corps veteran who served two combat tours in Iraq. During an ongoing struggle with PTSD, he pursued a degree in biochemistry to further his interests in health and fitness. He now shares his knowledge and passion through a wide range of guides that can be found on Fitness Fahrenheit. Learn all about safe and scientific training techniques from an expert.

Mr. Lopez stated: “Running is a high impact sport that requires a lot of repetitive motion, so it puts your body under stress that can lead to an injury. Strength work helps to prevent injuries by strengthening the connective tissues in your muscles. If you want to spend more time running and less time on the couch recovering, this point alone should be enough motivation to get started with strength training.”

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