Increase Your Bench Press Strength & Explosive Power This Fitness Program

Mar 9, 2023

Hitting a plateau in your bench pressing progress? Fear not because this expert is offering some secret tips and tricks to help you achieve your fitness goals!

Whether you’re looking to get buff or get lean, Fitness Fahrenheit will put you on the path to a successful bench press.

The site's latest release includes a variety of science-backed advice that you can use to build up your strength, size, and muscle mass. The guide also includes a weekly bench press regimen and dietary recommendations to further aid your fitness journey.

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The new report was written by Koji Lopes, a Marine Corps veteran and founder of Fitness Fahrenheit. After his time spent in the military, Lopes returned to school to earn a bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and pursue his passion for health and fitness.

Bench pressing is a form of upper-body workout that activates major stabilizing muscles such as the anterior deltoids, triceps, and pectoralis major. The exercise is particularly suitable if you want to bulk up by strengthening your chest, arms, and shoulders.

In his guide, Lopes suggests that you begin by resting the main muscle groups that will be used during your bench press for at least 48 hours. Next, you must do the proper amount of warming up, typically between 15 and 20 sets of weighted chest exercises.

Lopes emphasizes the importance of maintaining proper form in order to maximize effectiveness and prevent injury while you’re bench pressing. To do so, you are advised to position yourself firmly on the bench and to keep your elbows tucked while lifting.

The report also stresses the notion of progressive overload, which asserts that you should steadily increase the amount of stress placed on your muscles during the exercise in order to see results. 

You can find a variety of other insightful tips within the bench pressing guide, including supplementary exercises that can fast-track your progress. If you wish for more detailed instruction, you can follow Lopes’s 10-week strength-training regimen.

In the report, Lopes writes: “A good bench press is the cornerstone of many weight lifters’ repertoire. It not only results in a muscular chest, but it also works out many other major muscle groups. It is an ideal form to master as you go along your weight lifting journey.”

Read Fitness Fahrenheit's full bench pressing guide and start seeing results in no time! 

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