Improve Email Broadcast Campaign Deliverability With This GetResponse Tips Video

Mar 18, 2021

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns? You’re in the right place! Check out this video guide today!

One of the biggest challenges facing you as an email marketer is hitting the inbox instead of the spam folder. But with the right tips, you can improve your chances of getting read!

A new email marketing video has been launched by Internet Nomad Academy, covering the techniques that you can use to avoid your content going to spam folders. Aimed at users of GetResponse, it provides actionable tips to improve email marketing campaigns and get better results.

Are you looking to take your newsletters and broadcast messaging to the next level? Check out Internet Nomad Academy today!

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The video makes it easier for you to achieve success with your customer engagement campaigns. One of the biggest challenges facing marketers is improving open rates for their newsletters or broadcasts, but in order to be opened they first have to hit the inbox.

It’s often the case that email marketing messages are filtered into spam or junk folders. By following the tips in the new video, you can be sure that your content will reach its desired location.

The video covers eight steps that you can take to ensure that your GetResponse email campaign avoids the spam folder. The first step is to authenticate the domain by modifying DNS records.

Other tips include testing the email with GMAAS, asking your mailing list to whitelist the email for future correspondence, and getting the list to reply back two times to your content. This helps to prove that the emails are authentic and valuable, and will prevent further messaging from arriving in spam folders.

You will also learn about the importance of adding plain text to every email, checking spam score, and checking the inbox preview. Finally, it’s important to ensure the subject line, content and pre-headers are effective.

GetResponse is one of the most popular email marketing solutions on the internet, with over one billion subscribers among its audience. It has unique features and functionality to enable clients to maximize the impact of their broadcast campaigns.

Email marketing is regarded as one of the most effective promotional tools available for businesses and entrepreneurs. It helps to improve engagement, brand authority, lead generation and ultimately sales.

By following the new video, you are able to improve your clicks and clickthrough rate considerable. Business owners, marketers and entrepreneurs are encouraged to subscribe to the channel for further in-depth features.

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