Improve Business Authority Brand Awareness Get More Customers Through Video Report Launched

Nov 22, 2016

Discover how video can help your business to boost its authority, generate recognition through social media and establish the best reputation by reading the new report from marketing specialist Web Marketingville.

A new SEO and digital marketing report has been launched by Web Marketingville, offering guidance on how business startups can gain authority quickly in their niche online. It focuses on the power of video, which allows businesses to shed the shackles of time limits and get up and running in short order. In the past it took businesses longer to gain authority, but in today's market, with careful planning authority can be harnessed much faster.

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The report emphasises that 94% of consumers watched a video online last week, and because of that there is a vast market out there for any online business that can capitalize on this. In addition to this, 96% of consumers say that videos have helped them to make up their mind at some point during the purchasing process.

Furthermore, because of the power of video and how they can make the business seem more identifiable, the report indicates that 58% of customers believe businesses are more trustworthy when they use video as part of their marketing or sales programs. In addition to this, 71% say videos leave a positive impression of the company.

The report underscores how this is an important opportunity for businesses regardless of niche, because there are customers actively wanting to engage with companies through videos.

Web Marketingville has created a new wing of its company to help new and existing businesses get to grips with this video marketplace. This service, called Local Buzz Connect, specializes in helping site owners to build their authority in as easy a way as possible.

Business owners can use the tools provided to create professional expert interviews and establish themselves as experts in their field. These videos can be shot in a range of styles with multiple cameras to give the most professional look.

These videos then become assets that can be used on websites and through social media to get shared and develop the brand awareness alongside the authority. Further details are available at:

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