Immersive-Audio Arabic Language App, to Tackle Literary Arabic More Naturally

Oct 18, 2022

Discover the Arabic language and become a fluent reader with NovelArabic. This free new web-app will help you to learn Arabic through fun and immersive read-along books. The mind simply absorbs language better when the eye and the ear are simultaneously engaged.

Immersive-Audio Arabic Language App, to Tackle Literary Arabic More Naturally

Learn to read and speak Arabic fluently, faster, with NovelArabic’s incredible new language learning app.

The experimental new application offers users an immersive-audio reading experience in which classic Arabic novels, like the famous adventure story, ‘1001 Nights’, have been transformed into interactive language learning tools. Novel Arabic understands that many new students find themselves frustrated by how difficult Arabic is to learn and they hope for a more natural and entertaining approach to the long process of absorbing a highly literary language.

The idea with NovelArabic is both to take a “novel” approach, using immersive aligned audio to saturate the ear and eye simultaneously — as well as using adventure storybooks (novels) and to transform each novel into a full language lab. Instead of dry, boring artificial textbook passages, the user is actually reading adventure novels, one after the next, getting the bulk practice necessary to really absorb a new language.

The steep learning curve of absorbing a complex language is smoothed substantially through the use of fun adventure stories. Learning a language such as Arabic will always be a difficult process with a major commitment of time and energy, so the use of adventure novels as core content is definitely a welcome innovation.

Go to to try for yourself.

NovelArabic has launched their app at a moment when more non-native speakers than ever have recognized the value of learning Arabic. According to the CIA World Factbook, Arabic is the third most-spoken first language, representing 5.1% of the global population, exactly the same as English.

Whether it’s for a lifelong goal or for a college test requirement, NovelArabic can expand your Arabic literacy, vocabulary and fluency. The app presents you with entire classic adventure novels, in which every word has been audio narrated and aligned with the text, and accompanied by word and phrase-level English translations.

Each chapter has a correlating word bank of key vocabulary, practiced using an integrated flashcard tool (again with accompanied audio). Then, once you have been taken through the guided reading of the chapter, you will be prompted to return to it and to these words. Here, you will pass through a three-stage process which removes the translated English text as your native understanding of the language grows.

The final, and really the goal, practice is to review the text repeatedly, reading along with just the audio narration. This high-comprehension, full-speed decoding of real text is where language is actually absorbed by the subconscious mind.

NovelArabic is an experimental new web-app dedicated to teaching Arabic students both the intricacies and joys of the language through an engaging process of immersive adventure reading.

A spokesperson for the new app said, “Learning a language requires a tremendous amount of high-comprehension practice. Hundreds of hours of decoding are required until the practice gradually becomes subconscious and reflexive. For the student, this exercise is hard work no matter what! Our intention is to shorten and smooth the learning curve by getting to bulk, high-comprehension decoding as fast as possible.”

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