OTC Hearing Aids With Programmable Settings: Buy Easy-To-Use CIC Models

Apr 25, 2024

Nano Hearing Aids is proud to be making their over-the-counter hearing aids for perceived mild to moderate hearing loss with more programmable settings. This is easy-to-use hearing at its best!

If you’re looking for affordable, convenient and easy-to-use OTC hearing aids with simple programmable settings, Nano Hearing Aids believes they’re a great choice to meet your needs.

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OTC Hearing Aids With Programmable Settings

Nano Hearing Aids is pleased to be adding more features to their nearly invisible completely-in-canal (CIC) OTC hearing aids. If you are an adult over 18 and you have perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, they hope their aids will offer you a more affordable, practical and effective solution for your hearing needs.

Nano Hearing Aids' NANO CIC Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC2) and NANO CIC Digital Recharge OTC Hearing Aids (CIC4) can now offer you both a straightforward, user-friendly ‘out-of-the-box’ hearing solution and more customizability with their new programmable settings.

Both models will now give you the ability to choose the setting that best suits the hearing environment you are in.

NANO’s CIC4 For Advanced Hearing Technology

For even better hearing, their slightly higher-end CIC4 aids now come with four programmable settings. This means that with a simple press of a push button, you can both control the volume of your aids and move between these four programs depending on the environment you are in.

As Nano said, “Take the hearing aids out of the charging case and pop them in your ears. Use the simple push button to turn them on and adjust the volume. That’s it! Easy to charge, easy to use - every day.”

Despite their small size and nearly invisible CIC design, the CIC4 can help you feel more comfortable when you are:

  1. in normal listening environments,
  2. listening to music,
  3. in a noisy place and need to concentrate on specific sounds, like voices in a noisy cafe,
  4. and in a noisy environment where loud sounds can be distorted and painful, like near a construction zone.

Additionally, Nano Hearing Aids’ CIC4 model is now also enhanced by sophisticated noise reduction technology which Nano is confident will produce superior clarity of sound.

Affordable, Rechargeable, Portable CIC Aids

You’ll love that both the CIC2 and CIC4 models also come with a convenient portable recharging case and up to 12 hours of listening on a single charge.

Nano Hearing Aids CIC2 model starts from $297 RRP and their more advanced CIC4 model, from $397 RRP.

Nano is committed to bringing you superior OTC hearing aid technology and they encourage you to read their verified customer reviews online.

--> If you’re looking for a simple but effective solution to your perceived mild to moderate hearing loss, you’ll find it at https://nanohearingaids.com/

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