This Austin Team Offers MRI Machine Relocation & Medical Equipment Removal

Apr 25, 2024

Silveredge Commercial (512-574-9026) is the best choice for large medical equipment relocation services in the greater Austin, TX area!

Austin: The Healthcare Capital Of Texas

Of all US cities, Austin ranks very highly in healthcare infrastructure, boasting a total of 50+ area hospitals in addition to an expansive network of outpatient facilities. Staffing these hospitals are over 5,000 physicians, a physician to population ratio that exceeds all other major cities in Texas.

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The continued upkeep and inevitable need for maintenance and upgrades in this sector has given rise to a massive need    •one that you'll be plenty familiar with if you are involved in the industry - a need that is filled by Austin's best construction contractors.

These contractors power the constant upkeep that the area's dozens of medical facilities require, and among these contractors, Silveredge Commercial is at the top of the list in terms of safety, compliance, and quality.

Silveredge is available to help your facility move, install, or dispose of MRI machines and other medical equipment as part of its ongoing commitment to Austin's medical personnel.

A Herculean Task

Of all the commonly used medical devices that modern hospitals rely on, MRI machines are perhaps the most difficult to move before, during, and after installation. Doing so requires the use of a large, specialty crane, and adherence to a strict safety protocol due to the remarkably powerful electromagnets housed within the machine.

Only Silveredge Commercial has the practical knowledge to keep your facility compliant throughout the MRI relocation process. They are intimately familiar with the myriad regulations that often apply to healthcare facilities, and will do everything in their power

A Culture Of Safety

To handle the unique challenges posed by medical construction, the company has devised a procedure that ensures total regulatory compliance and safety for all on-site staff. Their dedicated safety management experts monitor all medical equipment relocation jobs on-site, employing a holistic approach to job site management and providing a full risk assessment along the way.

All participants in these medical equipment jobs are continuously trained on the handling and disposal of hazardous materials as part of the company’s broader safety philosophy. When you work with Silveredge, you will also receive continuous support throughout the relocation process and beyond, addressing all post-completion issues quickly as part of their customer-first policy.

A spokesperson stated, “At Silveredge Commercial, we believe that every project is a partnership, and collaboration is the cornerstone of our success. With an unwavering commitment to integrity, we pride ourselves on delivering projects built on trust and transparency. Our team thrives on continuous learning, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of industry advancements.”

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In addition to these services specific to the medical industry, Silveredge Commercial is also available to provide general construction contracting services throughout the Austin, TX area. They offer preconstruction, design-build, and site management, all covered by their Warranty Plus program.

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