If You Run A Used Car Dealership In Detroit MI This Is The Business Op For You

Jan 15, 2021

You Asked For It (YAFI) has launched an opportunity designed to help used car dealerships attract and retain new customers by offering a live credit repair service alongside other benefits.

Are you a used car dealership manager or owner based in Detroit, MI? What benefits do you offer your customers? Why should they choose you instead of your competition? Have you considered adding a live credit repair service? If you want to attract new clients, this opportunity is not to be missed!

You Asked For It (YAFI), a professional online lifestyle membership platform, has launched a new business opportunity aimed at you if you are a used car dealer or car lot owner based in metro Detroit, MI.

You can find more information at http://bit.ly/3bm6CVG

The newly launched opportunity is aimed at you if you are a business owner or leader and you are interested in adding a live credit repair service to your used car dealership in a bid to help more customers find a vehicle, along with receiving free credit repair assistance with their purchase. You can find out more at https://bit.ly/396NUP2

A certified financial counselor would provide the live credit repair assistance service to your customers, in addition to other benefits (tv streaming, household cost reduction program, shopping discounts, more) that would be included with the purchase of every used vehicle from your dealership.

When you purchase one of the tailored business bundle options, you are eligible to access support for a local branding campaign to help you promote your offer and attract potential car buying customers, who are looking for a vehicle and an overall lifestyle boost!

YAFI is currently looking for business leaders and managers who may be interested in participating in its latest opportunity. The company works by supplying members with discounts, deals, and benefits that are offered through its partners.

In addition, there is an option to create unique in-house membership programs with professional billing structures to help you attract new customers.

As a lifestyle platform, YAFI prides itself on helping businesses such as yours, designed to increase your revenue and overall value. In case you are wondering, four lifestyle packages are available from the platform, which you can utilize to generate a revenue for your business.

Its online marketing packages can help you transform your company by leveraging the smart advice available, as well as implementing solutions to assist with your immediate cash-flow.

Private Lifestyle Members have access to multiple benefits through the platform such as roadside assistance, discounts for dining, sports, concert events, and more.

A spokesperson said: “YAFI provides top-level legal advice for small businesses with accredited financial advisors and accountants. We ensure compliance and accuracy with a $1,000,000 insurance policy.”

You can find out more by visiting the links provided! Alternatively, you can view additional details at http://bit.ly/3nAauVP

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