If Disaster Strikes, Are You Ready? Get Prepper Survival Checklists, Gear & Tips

Jul 21, 2023

You survived the pandemic, but are you ready for the next global emergency? Alexander Tawiah’s e-book teaches you how to be self-sufficient and prepared for any type of crisis or disaster, whether in an urban or wilderness setting.

If you're like me, you came out of lockdown with a few important lessons learned about disaster preparedness!

You know it pays to be ready for any emergency, and this includes having some key survival skills.

To give you the knowledge you need to face any crisis, Alexander Tawiah's “22 Must-Know Basic Survival Skills” contains important techniques, such as how to acquire food and clean water, create a shelter, stay oriented, and maintain security.

Get the e-book at https://beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com/do-you-have-what-it-takes-to-survive-if-a-disaster-occurs

As the global pandemic slips into the past, many folks want to be better equipped for the next emergency. To assist you and your family in becoming self-reliant, the e-book from Alexander Tawiah focuses on 22 basic survival skills that can be applied anywhere.

A recent FOX news report indicates that due to an increased reliance on technology, a lot of people lack the basic skills necessary to survive a disaster, such as lighting a fire, tying a safe knot, fishing, or swimming in open water. To help improve your survival knowledge, Alexander Tawiah’s e-book offers techniques that can be applied to a range of scenarios, such as earthquakes, blizzards, hiking injuries, snake bites, or flash floods. “Crisis situations can occur in any place,” says Alexander. “The key to success is acquired and systematically improved skills and a set of appropriate tools and means.”

“22 Must-Know Basic Survival Skills” is targeted at newbie preppers and encourages participation from your whole family to promote learning and skills for all ages. Alexander also offers a supplementary guide on how to teach your kids self-reliance. Learn more at https://beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com/child-survival-skills

Other topics covered in the e-book include the importance of maintaining a positive mental attitude, basic guidance for hunting, fishing, and foraging, and water purification techniques.

You will also learn how to start a fire and navigate without a map or compass, and also get tips for first aid, defense against predators, repair skills, knot tying, animal husbandry, food preservation, and more.

Alongside “22 Must-Know Basic Survival Skills,” you can access a manual available on Alexander's website focused on providing effective treatment and management for common illnesses and injuries, especially when medical services and supplies are not readily available. See more details at https://beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com/otc-medications

Don't get caught in another dangerous situation without basic survival knowledge! Order your copy of “22 Must-Know Basic Survival Skills” today!

Learn more at https://beginnerdisasterandsurvivalprep.com/39-survival-tips

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